It’s Only A Little Fragrance

How many times have we heard it’s “only a little fragrance”?

Telling a person with MCS/ES that there is “only a little fragrance”

is like

telling someone with Celiac Disease that there’s “only a little gluten”


 telling someone with a peanut allergy that there’s “only a little peanut”


telling someone who uses a wheelchair that there are “only a few steps”.

It’s not ok.

telling 103It’s NOT ok.

Individual images follow:

Click on them to enlarge

gluten fragrance

peanut fragrance 2

stairs fragrance

Fragrance chemicals harm everyone eventually. people with MCS/ES just feel it first.


P.S. In case you are one of many who believe that essential oils are a healthy everyday alternative to toxic fragrance chemicals, please read this:

Are Essential Oils Too Popular For Our Own Good?

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you. It’s good for me.

Thank you!

5 responses to “It’s Only A Little Fragrance

  1. It’s only a little fragrance, is like saying it’s only a little mercury vapour that your silver fillings (mercuy implants) release!
    Those of us with silver fillings not only contaminate our own bodies and brains with these extremely toxic vapours but are living walking polluters as we ‘off gas’ mercury constantly! Our breath is toxic, our sweat is toxic, our urine and stools are toxic, etc…
    I don’t know what’s worse wearing a breathing mask and retoxifying ourselves with mercury vapours or breathing in all the other toxic chemicals we are exposed to! : (
    I guess this is why wearing my breathing mask makes me feel so ill : (
    So which is the worst of the evils???
    When we detox we are actually contaminating the exterior environment constantly : ( Not a nice thought!
    Now I understand why the cardiologist I saw in Canada insisted that I shouldn’t wear the breathing mask! Instead of ‘protecting’ me it is actually reintoxicating me : (
    What a dillema! much worse than EO’s!!!
    I suppose it helps not to intoxicate others with our ‘toxic mercury off gases’ but it’s actually causing ourselves more toxic injury. Should we be banned too?
    Sorry but this is a very real truth too!

    Big Reiki hugs to you all♡♡♡

    • Some people are as “sensitive” to mercury as others are to peanuts…
      Whoever thought that having mercury in our teeth was a good idea wasn’t thinking very clearly – likely had inhaled too many mercury vapours.
      I’m finally getting a lot of my mercury fillings removed, at home, along with the teeth they were filling

  2. I am more and more convinced that ‘heavy metal poisoning’ triggers MCS/EI and or TILT and EH : (

    • It definitely does for some people, others have different initial toxic exposures that push us over the edge, but we are stewing in so many exposures these days, that we have to do something to eliminate as many as is possible and as quickly as is possible with major policy changes required.

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