What I Wear In Bad Air :: Ellie


2016 Ellie

“Instead of cancer, I got MCS, meaning I stop breathing on contact with your everyday chemicals (plus a multitude of other symptoms.) Hey, there’s another perk! You might finally have the excuse you need to buy an expensive gas mask that can also be used with costumes! After all, once you get MCS, you can’t leave the house without one, so you’ll always be dressed for an adventure! #GoNatural”

Ellie uses this mask:

MSA Advantage(TM) 3200 Respirator, M

For more info on masks, please see

When We HAVE to Wear A Mask to Breathe and Function

Please take action in whatever way you can to ensure we ALL have the right to a healthy environment, and so industries are stopped from polluting us for profit.

also, please

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you, it’s good for me.

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4 responses to “What I Wear In Bad Air :: Ellie

  1. Rolf Aerssens

    I would like to come in contact whit Elli sinds I wear is full fase gas mask as well not allways but often

  2. Arizona asthmatic

    Linda, didn’t I originally see an “OK Cupid” watermark on that photo of Ellie? Is she still single?

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