What I Wear in Bad Air :: Lisa T

2016 Lisa Mary T

This photo was taken of me at my parent’s home, to demonstrate how I attempted to protect myself to be able to visit them, 2000 miles away.

When I can’t avoid exposures, I wear a mask to try to keep as functional as possible. Exposures affect my brain, my breathing, and I get more exhausted, etc. Even without the mask, I have challenges with my brain, breathing, energy, etc. Wearing the mask weakens me but not as much as a direct exposure would.

I am sensitive to chemicals in perfume, cologne, aftershave, hair care products, hand sanitizer, sunblock, air “freshener”, chlorine, white board and markers, building materials, cleaning products, laundry soap, dryer sheets, paints, pesticides, gasoline fumes, gas appliances, some plants, new asphalt, etc.

In the photo, I’m wearing a Vogmask Sahara C2V Organic Cotton – N99 – Carbon Filter – Dual Exhale Valve – LARGE (over 120 lbs).  I didn’t wear it at my parent’s house but I put it on to show them what I looked like in the airport, on the plane I took to get there,  and in the airport shuttle van.

I don’t think I’ll ever fly again.

The mask shown didn’t work well enough for me, so I bought a Pure Non-Scents® Face Mask Hg+ (Mercury) and a North silicone 7700-3011 respirator with Honeywell 75SCP100L filters.

~ Lisa Mary T

For more info on masks see:

When We HAVE to Wear A Mask to Breathe and Function

Please take action in whatever way you can to ensure we ALL have the right to a healthy environment, and so industries are stopped from polluting us for profit.

also, please

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you, it’s good for me.

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4 responses to “What I Wear in Bad Air :: Lisa T

  1. Thank you for this info on masks. I am much like you tho older. I am tired and have spent over a year housebound, mostly within the vicinity of my very expensive air purifier… Not fun at all. I find that paranoia is sometimes in the shadows as I watch the air become polluted each afternoon as the air warms. I am dreading the coming summer….
    I agree. Something must be done but so many give no thought to what they wear or use and then expose others to their mindless “additions”, like toothpaste and deodorant.
    Try telling a daughter in law and her daughter to leave that perfume, deodorant, hair products and the rest home when they come to visit for a week! NOBODY was happy….

    Sorry…. My gratitude for the work you have put into this site for those of us silently suffering with this illness. xo

    • I wish I could do more… We all need safe housing in areas that are not polluted by others, and access to appropriate care and services.

      I’ve been housebound for so many years now, mostly with so much brain fog that I can’t imagine being out there, but occasionally it does life for a while, and I remember what it was like to be able to go places beyond the recycling bins for this building… and to walk in the countryside, in nature, with no pollution or mechanical/technical noises…

      Regarding the fear of what can happen to us with exposures, I’ve used mindfulness meditations over the years, to bring myself into the present moment, to find things I CAN do in the present, to breathe deeply, to see if there’s something I can do for someone else (feeding birds, chipmunks and squirrels for a few minutes a day brings me great joy) to examine what the causes and effects are, where they arise, when they arise, and take what precautions I can… and sign petitions and have to educate everyone I talk with when I need something, as I can’t leave to get or do things myself…

      Yea, it can be exhausting, and some people just don’t want to or can’t “get it”, so I… we… live without many of our basic needs being met…

      I think change is coming though, and I am holding on for that… I see little signs of progress, and once that adds up, a huge change can happen (the Berlin Wall coming down came to mind)

      • You are very wise to surround yourself with nature and I am quite blessed to live in the middle of mostly nowhere. I love my song birds that come by to sing and have a fling and my bluebirds are like my own children… And of course there’s my dogs. It takes a lot of talking to many who will NEVER really get what this is like but each voice counts. I simply find myself wearing out… That is ok too. It waxes and wanes like everything else. I think using mindfulness meditation is a very good tool and I use it myself. Just going thru a rough patch for a year or two now and really ‘sick’ of it. Much love and rest to you.

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