Dr Molot Urges Everyone to Support the Canaries

Please take a minute and eleven seconds  to watch this video from Dr.  John Molot where he talks about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and how we (the people who developed MCS) have been stigmatized and that we really are canaries. He speaks about some of the other serious health problems the chemicals that disable us are causing in those who do not have MCS.

If you don’t know who Dr Molot is, you can read a bio  here and check out the SStP blog post here.
Direct link to the videos in English:
If you wish to get on EHAQ’s mailing list (they do not spam) or support this wonderful organization, then follow the link here:


Please share this and do look into the work that Dr Molot and EHA Quebec are doing on everyone’s behalf!
Thank you all!

11 responses to “Dr Molot Urges Everyone to Support the Canaries

  1. julieinlovelyoregon

    Hello! I registered for the webinar but I am not able to access it. I probably goofed. Will there be a transcript at some point? I’d love to spread the word. I suffer very badly from MCS . . .

    Thank you!!

    ~julie~ 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊


    Hi Linda

    Thanks for the email about Dr. John Molot. I have watched Dr. Molot Part I but I can’t find Dr. Molot Part 2. I keep finding a video about Medical Cannibis Part 2. Should I be able to find Dr.Molot part 2 on line?


    Maggie Robertson

    • There was only one video from Dr Molot for the seminar this year. The other 3 parts are different speakers and presentations.

      Last year Action CIND recorded a talk he gave and put it on vimeo in two 10 minute videos – I posted those somewhere, I think in the comments of the other post I have about Dr Molot’s book and a previous seminar.



    Would it be possible to post again Dr. Molot’s talk, of last year, recorded by Action CIND? You put it on vimeo in two 10 minute videos. If it’s not accessible right now, that’s OK.

    Maggie Robertson

  4. This year, EHAQ has new video presentations that will be available from May 12th on with preregistration (FREE).

    “THE CALL OF THE CANARIES. From pre-conception to your golden years: why does your environment matter?

    FREE online event with registration! May 12, 2018 onwards.

    The presenters are: Dr John Molot, Dr Lynn Marshall, Dr Ken Flegel, Meg Sears PhD, Paola DeCicco ND and Michel Gaudet, Debra Aronson, Rohini Peris.

    The presentations will cover:
    * hazards and effects from preconception onwards, and why a healthy environment is so important for successful pregnancy outcomes – and in turn, for healthy people.
    * hospital accommodation– and especially for environmental sensitivities.
    * why we need a scent free environment in hospitals.
    * our rights to accommodation in the workplace and elsewhere
    * need for better regulation on chemicals
    * detoxification
    * and some tips on how to make healthy choices for better health!”

    More details here:

    Register here:

    • Please ignore the presentation by Dr Marshall.
      I really don’t know why she agreed to present if she didn’t have the time to update her facts.
      In 2005 there were 1/2 as many Canadians affected as there are now (2016 is the latest stat available, and there were 1,008,400 Canadians with doctor diagnosed MCS), but she used 2005 stats… and back then, maybe there was no duty to accommodate patients in hospitals, but there is now and has been for several years according to the AODA…

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