A Universally Recognized Accessibility Symbol for Environmental Sensitivities?


We need an easily recognizable accessibility symbol for non-toxic, wireless, VOC, scent, and fragrance-free places that show they are accessible to people with MCS/ES, asthma, COPD, migraines, and others who need healthy environments in order to remain functional and not become physically or cognitively impaired.

These signs would be used only in places that actually enforce the policies.

The standard accessibility signs have white symbols on blue backgrounds like these:

I’ve never seen anything like this to signify healthy wireless, scent, and fragrance-free indoor air, but these are some others I have found or assembled that might give a designer ideas to run with:

Some signs are ‘negative’ instead of ‘positive’ in the sense that they designate places are not accessible, or what should not be used in the environment.

Modified from original image by Eurofin who were certifying emission levels from some products

The top text could change with IAQ fluctuations?


Ultimately, we need spaces that provide accessibility and inclusion for all.

When the majority of people have no idea what accessibility means for people with MCS/ES, then signs like this aren’t valuable to us, yet.


A compilation of 2 images used with text added
















To download this sign as a full size PDF document (instead of the jpeg you see), click on the link below:

2017 sign This is a fragrance-free area PDF


To learn more about why symbols, signs, and awareness campaigns are needed, please look around at the other posts on this site. There’s a ton of info.


We all deserve to breathe clean air and have access to safe, harm-free environments!

8 responses to “A Universally Recognized Accessibility Symbol for Environmental Sensitivities?

  1. There was a Cleaner Air symbol with conditions of use in California but I don’t think it was used: http://ehnca.org/www/ehnlinx/pclnair.htm

  2. These are excellent! I wonder, do you know of any good MCS videos or courses I could recommend to my employer to assist in training my co-workers to understand the need for a scent free workplace?

  3. These are fantastic!!! We definitely need signs like this. Great job! My occupational medicine clinic has a sign but it’s not as cool as any of yours. Also, they have it attached to the desk where a lot of people can pretend not to see it!

    • Thanks!
      I’d ultimately like a sign that shows a place is fully accessible… but will we see that displayed anywhere in our lifetime???

      Maybe we need something specific to show a place is not accessible too? That would show people all the places we’re not welcome :/
      I’m tired of hearing about places having signs up like wallpaper while they are full of fragrances etc and no-one cares…

      Anyway, maybe someone who can think in blue and white can come up with a suitable symbol? There must be something that would work!

  4. I found a PDF document about the California Cleaner Air symbol:

    “The Cleaner Air symbol shall be the standard used to identify a room, a facility, and the paths of travel that are accessible to and usable by people who are adversely impacted by airborne chemicals or particulate(s) and/or the use of certain electrical fixtures or devices. The symbol shall only be used when the minimum conditions addressed in this brochure are met.” …


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