If Only You Could See

Guest post and art from Gloris Smith Young 

You look at me
You look away

I see it every day
If only you could see

This could be you
Instead of me


I started to get multiple chemical sensitivities when a landscaping truck came to spray a tree in our yard and didn’t give me a heads up. The second floor windows were open and it was a windy day and that fungicide blew into those windows.

The worst-hit room was my office/storage room. I could smell and taste the chemical as I frantically shut the windows.

On top of that, our home had a lot of mold that we had tried to clean but went about it the wrong way.

If you’re experiencing a lot of depression, anxiety, unexplained symptoms that your doctor can’t seem to help you with, other than give you a prescription, you may be suffering from mold illness.

You can get your house tested or your office with an ERMI test. Google for more info.

All I know is that lots of people are having unexplained illnesses and autoimmune disease is on the rise. That’s why I wrote on the mask, “if only you could see this could be you instead of me.”

Because Chemical Sensitivity is on the rise. This isn’t a Club you want to join!

Educate yourself. Unplug your plug-ins. Do whatever you can to decrease the toxic load your body has to try to live in every day.

Eat better. Sleep more. Turn off your screens and get outside more. Your life matters. Protect it.

Besides, not everyone looks as good in a mask as I do. 


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  1. Thanks for helping get the word out.

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