When Someone Says They’re Fragrance-Free, But

When someone says they’re fragrance-free, but

they smell like

essential oils, febreze, scented candles, plug-in air effers, &/or air effing sprays…

When someone says they’re fragrance-free, but

they haven’t read the labels

perfume, parfum, essential oils, aroma, natural essence, fragrance

When someone says they’re fragrance-free, but

they’re using

sea foam shampoo, deo with EO, lemony lip balm, mango moisturizer, lavender laundry products, apple aftershave, spring bloom sanitizer, bergamont body spray…



Read the labels!

Be fragrance-free!

It’s good for you! It’s good for me!

2 responses to “When Someone Says They’re Fragrance-Free, But

  1. Those products that say green apple or mango peach smell anything but fragrance. And it has and is getting worse as are the headaches and burning in my sinuses.

    • Did you mean to say “smell anything but green apple or mango peach”? Or “smell nothing like what they’re named”?

      It’s fragrance chemicals that are creating those odours… but yea, nothing like what they’re named.

      I recognize fake grape as fake grape, but I’d never recognize it as grape.

      There are some disgusting fake fruity flavored laundry products being used in this area, and I occasionally get things delivered that reek like fake fruity air freshener…

      I really don’t know why people want to go around smelling like those things. I think they have undertones of vomit… and definitely high notes of headache…

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