The Fragrance-free Checklist


It seems like the best way to clear up some confusion about being fragrance-free, is to provide a checklist of products and places where fragrances that can make you not be fragrance-free are found, so that you don’t inadvertently bring fragrances with you when going  somewhere with a strict fragrance-free policy.

The checklist addresses some common misconceptions about what being fragrance-free really means.

Being fragrance-free is about more than not using perfume or cologne.
It’s also not about skipping deodorant, as some people seem to think.

The checklist provides information about how to check products for fragrance, as well as a list of frequently used products that have  fragrances added, so that you can check your labels.

Image: small preview of the 3 page Checklist
Edited to add that this isn’t big enough to read.
To read, you need to click on the PDF link below

To view or download the 3 page Fragrance-free Checklist document in PDF, click below



For more information and ways to address fragrance-free policies, see:

Help for How to Be Fragrance-Free


and if you’re still struggling with the why:

So You Think We’re Being Difficult
When We ask You to Change Products?


PDFs of 2 posters can be found here:

They Said I Wasn’t Fragrance-Free. How Can That Be?


If you need to de-fragrance yourself, Peggy Munson’s document is helpful:

How to Be Fragrance-Free

It’s currently available from:


Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you. It’s good for me. ♥

8 responses to “The Fragrance-free Checklist

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  4. From Fragrance Free Revolution – 50 Shades of Fragrance
    1. Perfumes
    2. Aftershaves
    3. eyeshadow
    4. eyeliner
    5. mascara
    6. foundation
    7. face power
    8. lip gloss
    9. Lipstick
    10. fake tan
    11. Body lotion
    12. hand cream
    13. face cream
    14. eye cream
    15. Face serum
    16. body cream
    17. body butter
    18. shampoo
    19. conditioner
    20. hair gel
    21. hair spray
    22. hair wax
    23. hair mousse
    24. hand sanitizer
    25. soap
    26. Sunscreen
    27. Deodorant
    28. Nappies
    29. Shower gel
    30. Air freshener
    31. DishWashing liquid
    32. Cleaning products
    33. Garbage bags
    34. Carpet freshener
    35. Plug ins
    36. Laundry detergents
    37. Dry sheets
    38. Fabric softener
    39. Deodoriser
    40. Scented candles
    41. Tissues
    42. Wipes
    43. Shaving cream
    44. Talc
    45. Essential Oils
    46. Diffusers
    47. Incense
    48. Toilet paper
    49. Feminine hygiene
    50. Fly repellent

    (many more in the comments there)

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  7. I became seriously sensitive to all scent and fragrance this last two years, my home, myself, my husband are now chemical smell free.. I have to wear a special mask to keep out all fragrance when I go outside my home, visiting family… horrible isolated life I now have… the world it polluted in unnecessary scents…

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