Petitions! Fragrance-free Health Care in the U.S. & Safe Housing in B.C.

Two new petitions have been brought to my attention. Both of them are on
Please sign and share if you are able:


Make all health care facilities and services “fragrance free.”

…”Please ask the secretary of HHS to provide leadership on addressing this issue and require all health care facilities and service providers to be scent free.”…




Stop the Human Rights Violations of Disabled British Columbians.

…”Health supporting housing is needed for low income British Columbians living with MCS. Currently there is no safe, affordable housing in BC for people with this chronic illness. In fact, the housing that is available is making people with MCS more ill by exposing them to off gassing building materials, strong chemicals used in building maintenance, laundry venting, cigarette smoke, and toxicant containing household and body products used by fellow renters.” …

I don’t know how successful petitions are, but the more people who sign any petition to show support, the better. Remember though, that if you can do more, like pick up the phone or write a letter to an elected rep, that is better!

I think the most effective petitions are those done via the government/policy makers channels, but they also need to have a lot of people sign. I know Ontario and Canada have official methods, and I thing the US does too. I’m not sure about individual states and other provinces.

Other petition platforms that have received widespread attention are avaaz and SumOfUs, in case you want to start one of your own.

We also need some good letter writing campaigns in case anyone is up to writing templates and finding the appropriate persons, organizations, or corporations to send them to.

The more vocal and visible we are, the sooner things will change!

Please sign and show support in any way you can!

4 responses to “Petitions! Fragrance-free Health Care in the U.S. & Safe Housing in B.C.

  1. Thank you very much for posting the petition, Linda!! And, for making it known that sending letters to policy makers is the most effective way to create change. Wishing you all the best, Kathy ________________________________

    • I wish everyone clicking on the US petition would also click on the BC housing petition and support it. If I’m not mistaken, people from anywhere can sign them, you don’t need to be local for many petitions! I know the majority of people who come to this site are from the US, but changes in one country can help make changes in the other.

  2. I did not see the BC housing petition. I would be happy to sign it.

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