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Now Online: “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide”

Great news!

Pamela Reed Gibson’s groundbreaking and information filled book “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Survival Guide” (2nd Edition) is now available to read online, or as a download, for FREE!


It’s still very relevant and extremely useful even though it came out in 2006.

There are also a lot of other excellent resources, including research papers, available on the new website: Continue reading

Public Health: General and Applied Toxicology and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Petro-chemicals and synthetic substances are being linked to many chronic diseases and neurological conditions.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) are a huge part of a wider range of Environmental Sensitivities (ES), and affect from 3 to 30% of the population, in severity ranging from annoying to completely disabling.

It has taken far too many years for the world to start waking up to the fact that harmful substances are legally used in virtually all everyday “consumer” products (and the fact that we are referred to as consumers and not people is yet another disturbing story).

Petro-chemicals and synthetic substances are being linked to many chronic diseases and neurological conditions.

There are also a lot of symptom similarities between kids with autism and people with MCS and mould induced neurological symptoms. Adults can usually explain better what is happening to them than children can, so it has taken a long time for parents and researchers to start connecting those dots.

People with any other disability or medical condition are allowed appropriate health care and related aids, tax breaks, subsidies, insurance benefits, accommodations, and accessible housing. People with chemical injury, with MCS/ES, are denied access and even obstructed at every turn. Some but very little progress has been made for kids with autism only because they have had healthy parents advocating on their behalf.

It is beyond belief how harming people and the environment have become acceptable economic activities, while those trying to protect human and environmental health are called “special interest groups.” Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

We have a major, yet completely invisible public health crisis on our hands, and Professor Martin Pall has been working tirelessly on research to prove it. He is about to embark on another European tour to discuss his findings, and hopefully someone will invite him to Canada too. A press release about his research:

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