I need a housing miracle before June 27th

Note: For more info about the medical housing needs of people with severe MCS/ES/EHS, please see the other posts on my blog. There I’ve described the issues in more detail.

I have to leave the balcony I’ve been sleeping on by the 27th of June.

I’m not well enough to be able to handle the toxic chemical exposures I’d be subjected to in a room or unit within “my means” (Ontario Disability Support Program’s budget for shelter costs) as all cheap/”affordable” places are made with the most toxic materials and also maintained with them, as well as sharing air with others who are allowed to use all kinds of toxic products that don’t respect property lines.

I’m physically burnt out from trying to stay alive after crash number 4 and 5 (or something like that) and after raising kids with limited means and continued exposures driving my health reserves down even further. I need a place to heal, I can’t struggle just to survive any longer, there isn’t anything left to draw from.

I simply don’t have the practical, physical, emotional, resources or help needed to be able to survive another round of neurotoxicity from cheap products, materials, etc, and right now that is all that is available to me.

Other people receive health care and assistance to live with their medical needs and disabilities. Those of us with chemical injury and EHS do not, despite what that Star article claimed. The obstacles and chemical barriers are systemic, and so far there isn’t any serious effort to change that.

So unless there is someone out there with a safe enough place for me to live, I have just over 2 weeks left before I am homeless again and then I also won’t have any income or ability to eat, or protect myself from exposures.

Below is what I need in a new home in order to stay alive. This list is based on the least toxic materials that are used more often (not customized). It is not based on fashion, as I can’t have guests to show it off to anyway, it is based on survival needs only. It is what I need to stay alive and recover some health and abilities.

A temporary place that is safe may allow more time to find a more permanent place, but then I also have to pay for the continued storage of my household belongings, so would have little left to pay for rent.

For $500 a month including utilities (ODSP does not even provide that much) I need:

1. 2 bdrm, 1 story, with private exterior access, no shared air, with private laundry.
2. No air fresheners, scented candles, indoor smoking or in-house pesticide applications, strong cleaners, mold or mildew issues.
3. Acreage to protect from neighbouring chemical use, especially dryer vents–away from nearby houses, rail, hydro lines, cell towers, agricultural and golf course pesticides and fertilizers, and other air pollution, especially upwind (usually NW).
4. Need solid wood or ceramic/stone tile floors, stainless steel or enameled sinks, enameled tub and tile surround, solid counters, cabinets of solid wood, metal, glass, (not particle board and laminates, no carpet, laminate floor, plastic tubs and surrounds, and even wood paneling could be a problem–what is the wood finished and cleaned with?–as all those materials absorb chemicals and keep off-gassing them).
6. Electric heat, NO OIL, forced air, or gas (propane generator for emergency use only is ok)
7. Garage preferred
8. Within one hour of a year-round source of organic food and produce not from a supermarket or scented store- i.e., need a natural foods store or food co-op? Community Supported Agriculture programs?
9. No plastic/vinyl siding outside as that off-gasses in the sun (brick is ideal) OR recent renovations including paint inside.

I need to install whole house water filtration and my own private laundry machines, especially washer (can live without dryer if sunny, safe outdoor clothesline is possible).

Would like to be able to grow some of my own organic food so safe garden space would be appreciated.

The search area is this:

Outside Toronto and other cities/towns because of the need to avoid dryer vents and toxic laundry products, personal care products, lawnmowers, etc that close neighbours use.

Far from industry, agriculture, rail and power transmission lines, cell towers, as well as major touristy beaches, golf courses, neighbours, etc., but having year round fresh organic food accessible, not from a supermarket or highly fragranced health food store:

* The south east corner is at 7 and 41 around Kaladar.
* The north east corner is at 41 and 60, between Golden Lake and Eganville.
* The north limit is under Algonquin Park.
* And east of 11 by some distance ie #35

Need to check availability of year round organic produce.

Southern boundary
Hwy 7 to the south on the east side (between 12 and 41).
Hwy 12 up and over Lake Simcoe from 7 .

Eastern boundary
Hwy 41 to the east (between 7 and 60) but some areas north a bit of 7, but not including towards Ottawa/Renfrew may be ok.
Away from soap factory in Perth or Smith Falls and not around Sharbot Lake

Northern boundary
Hwy 60 at the north (between #35 in the west and 41 in the east).
(under Algonquin park)

Western boundary
East of Hwy 11 – #35 and #60 at the north end, down to the eastern side of Lake Simcoe

Between Madoc and Perth near hwy 7 is Sharbot Lake where they are planning (and fighting) uranium mining. Chalk River /Pembroke to the north of there also have uranium issues.Those places are out. Golf courses are not an added bonus, they use pesticides. Beaches are full of people wearing toxic sun products. I need isolation to avoid the products and materials that disable me in order to recover my health.

I need a miracle.

9 responses to “I need a housing miracle before June 27th

  1. Linda,
    Our hope for your care continues to ebb its way to you. We thought of you as we rested on our teeny futon in the vardo … aware of the blessings that come in small forms; equally aware that ‘small’ is relative.

    Take care along the way. Angels, guides and all who can assist … may they show themselves to you.

  2. If I can’t breathe safe air inside and I can’t breathe safe air outside, then where do I breathe?

  3. Aloha Mokihana and thank you… I’m hoping a day comes when you too don’t have to struggle so much, even if you do it so much more gracefully than I can ever hope to (my other comment was left before yours came through)
    My brain needs clean air to function properly, to access my wisdom and good words… too many exposures have rendered parts of it inaccessible, making it very difficult to deal with some very basic issues… Why is it so difficult to find clean air and a safe place to rest our weary bones?

  4. Hi There!… have you heard of Idea City???
    Google the famous Lawyer – Clayton C. Ruby… freedom of press/discrimination issues/prominent in enviro community… could he help? also Sophie Morgan – Disability Rights Campaigner…. how about asking Belinda Stronach – Philanthropist/former Politician for help?????
    brainstorming…… we need to rally the highest and the best to help us with this issue…… Let’s Do it & Expect the Best in advance!!!! I don’t believe in taking NO for an answer… there has to be a fair solution… Marilyn, Lil’ John & Zulu

  5. Did you find a place to go?
    I need a place also but everything seem to trigger my asthma. It is sad that so many people really don’t care or understand.

    • I don’t think it’s that people don’t care, but everyone has their own cross. And everyone thinks that their cross is the worst. Good luck with your search.

  6. hi i hope you are doing well i am elleven and i know how u feel with allergies to pretty much evreything i have asthma and its hard to breathe without a house that is fully decontaminated any ways ive seen your house with all the other boarded up ones apparentley there is a skaters spot back there against your house with ramps n stuff its neat peace

    • hi Sean, and thanks for your good wishes. Sorry about your asthma and allergies, it’s not easy living, is it? I remember there used to be kids skating and building things in the other back yards when I still lived there, and some were even filming their activities. I suspect more of that has happened since I left. They will probably tear it all down soon, as there are new building plans I heard. Enjoy it while you can!

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