These movers are not to be trusted re their billing practices

These movers are not to be trusted re their billing practices. They will rip you off.

Bull Pull Moving Hauling Rentals
1111 Finch Ave W Unit 11
M3J 2E5

416 800 2682

They promised 26 foot truck and 2 men for $60 an hour on the phone (the other choice was a 30something foot truck and 3 men for $90 an hour).

They arrived late on the 14th of May with a pick-up truck and less than 20 foot trailer (I was too sick and surprised to think to measure or photograph the thing, but a Toronto Star photographer was there documenting the move for at least a couple of hours)

My Dad paid for a 4 hour minimum of $240. + tax = $252 by credit card at the very beginning (when they showed up).

The guys were over 30 minutes late (that is neither here nor there in the big picture), then stood around numerous times when things were not coming down and out of the house by the landlord’s contractors, instead of helping to pack the paintings that WJ wouldn’t let us inside to pack the day before, my paintings were outside with all the packing materials, but the movers, despite being asked to help pack them, did not assist (the landlord’s people were removing my belongings from the house and had damaged many of my art packing boxes too, but that is yet another story… WJ Properties allowed the boxes to get wet and trampled on because they wouldn’t allow me to put them in the house the day before, so I can’t return them for a refund either, well over $200 I lost there).

At about the 2.5 hour mark I think, the owner or guy in charge of Bull Pull decided to close up the trailer and come back for a 2nd trip.
They were very slow arriving at the storage locker, they had stopped to get gas on the way. My friend and I drove separately in a car and waited.

Then once at the locker, I had to sign another credit card slip (blank) before they would unload my things. What choice did I have? He refused to unload and said they’d drive off if I didn’t sign.

Once those things were in the locker, we went back to the house (where they arrived late, having stopped for dinner) and put in the remaining items, then were to meet at the locker again.

My friend and I waited an awfully long time. Turns out they went for donuts and the bank while on the way with my things in their trailer. I was really sick at this point and really needed to be in bed, but we had to wait.

So when the trailer was empty, (and everything had fit into a less then 25 foot locker with much vertical room to spare, so would have fit into one 26 foot truckload and most likely in a 4 hour period if they had helped pack the artwork) I was handed the new bill

This was for another 4 hour minimum PLUS a 2nd trip charge of $60 and another $60 for travel time (they had bought gas, had donuts, had dinner, gone to the bank during the time I was paying) for a total of $378.

We wouldn’t have needed a 2nd trip if

– they came with a 26 foot truck like they said, (choice was 26 foot truck -they didn’t say shorter trailer and pick-up, or a 30 something foot truck and 3 guys)

– if they had actually done some of the packing of the paintings etc while waiting… instead of standing around talking (yes they were asked to help more than once)

We probably would have finished in the 4 hours, definitely not needing a 2nd trip if they had the right size truck…

Maybe only one more hour charged to me at $60 on top of the original $252 instead of another $240 + 120 + tx of $17 , = $378 + the $252 = $630

So they billed me the time for getting gas on the way to the locker, then the time for having dinner, then donuts, and banking all in the 2nd portion, plus the 2nd trip charge and that other charge for travel time, on top of the hourly and a minimum which had already been paid, and we were less than 3 hours over at the very end, most of it spent waiting for them doing their thing while I was being charged for it, and then arguing about the bill.

My storage locker is almost 25 feet long (a bit shorter) and there was plenty of room left to pile higher, so it would have ALL very definitely fit into a truck the promised size.

PLUS I already gave him a couple of plants– one was a hibiscus tree that would be well over $100, possibly $300, a tree my grandmother had grown from a rootling, and the other one was also from her, a large philodendrum, worth a minimum of $45, before he sprung that 2nd bill on me.

My friend was shocked by it too, but was not able to reason with him either.

To me this was not only fraudulent, but definitely taking advantage of a disabled and poor woman in poor health (who knows if he would have done this to my dad or another man). I don’t know if his being from Afghanistan had anything to do with the way he treated me, but it is a possibility. He did not discuss the extra billing with my dad at the beginning, but sprung it on me when I was already feeling very sick from all the exposures. Then he had the nerve to tell me all movers charge like this.

I think I should get at least $300 back. I’ll pay an hour extra, but the rest was definitely not of my doing.

I need this money for disability related medical requirements that are not covered by any other supports I receive.

I have had so many people take advantage of me and spread misinformation that it would be nice to see some justice done somewhere in my life.

This post is my personal opinion.

Kind regards,

Linda Sepp

3 responses to “These movers are not to be trusted re their billing practices

  1. I hope you complained to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer services because they are supposed to keep track of bad movers.

    • I don’t think I did, I don’t remember that anyone advised me to do so at the time. I did contact the MP’s office who had given me the name of the movers, and also the police because other movers were in the news for doing the same thing, but vaguely remember their advice being more along the lines that I’d have to take legal action, which I wasn’t capable of doing. No-one was interested in helping me do anything about it and I was too sick at the time, my energy was going to trying to find a way to survive.

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