The documentary video Homesick about MCS and housing is almost done

From Susan Abod, Producer of Homesick:

Announcing an opportunity to be included in the documentary video Homesick about MCS and housing

The film is almost done, but I am looking for pictures of MCSers and where they live to create a collage showing there are lots of us out there around the world. You can view an 8 minute video clip and read more about the project on the Homesick website:

If you are interested, please send a photo of yourself where you live. It could be a room that you consider your “safest” place, a picture of your whole house, or your neighborhood or surrounding area. It may look “normal” or it may have been foiled or fixed up showing what it took to make to make it safe for you. If you live in a car, trailer, or tent, send a picture of that. I hope to include people with all levels of health and show a wide variety of living situations, whether the situation is working for you, or not.

You can email me the picture as JPEG, PDF, or TIFF file to: Please include your city, state, and country. You can also send your picture through the mail to: Homesick: Pictures, c/o Susan Abod, 11 Balsa Court, Santa Fe, NM 87508. Note that sending your picture grants permission for its use in the film.

If you have any questions you can email me at: Please feel free to forward this to other MCSers that you may know of anywhere on the globe who might like to participate!

For more video and info visit:

Thank you and all the best,

Susan Abod
Producer, Homesick

4 responses to “The documentary video Homesick about MCS and housing is almost done

  1. My experience has been that TCHC does not recognize MCS . They really went out of their way to make life difficult for me. (lucky to be alive.)

  2. I was lucky to have someone from SSHA try to find a medically suitable TCHC unit for me the other year, but none existed. End result was that I couldn’t live in Toronto.

    I am really lucky to have one of only 7 affordable units in all of Canada (as far as I know) that were built specifically for people with MCS/ES. But I had to leave Toronto, the city I had lived in for most of my life, and move to a city where I know no-one, can’t go out to meet people, and therefore have no real support system in place or the ability to create one.

    There are some serious challenges… some because I didn’t have safe enough housing for so long, and as a result got so sick that I haven’t been able to access dental and medical care for so many years, and now that I am getting older my body isn’t as flexible and able to handle sleeping on the floor and twisting over the bathtub to wash my clothes…

    Safer housing can prevent poor health, disability and so much suffering.


    Hi, this is the web link/resources page that will be on the MCS website The Canary’s Nest when my friend gets it up. I just thought I’d share it. I am Canadian – last in Toronto – and I read about where you moved into, that is AMAZING. I am so happy for you.

  4. Great list of resources Heather. Thanks for sharing the blog post. Please do let us know when the website is up, as I will certainly share it in my links then.

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