MCS/ES Safe Gift Ideas

Golden Gift

Thinking about all the toxic gifts out there, I thought that compiling a list of safeR non-toxic gift ideas might be helpful, as sometimes it’s hard to think of (or choose) something  when we are asked if we have too much brain fog going on. I know it has been for me.

I think the greatest gift would be if family and friends went fragrance and chemical free so we could enjoy their company.

Here’s a few other ideas I thought of:

  • Gift certificates for services by people who are fragrance free
  • Shopping once a week, once a month or even just once
  • Driving to appointments
  • Picking up some organic food from somewhere
  • A gift basket of favorite and tolerated supplements
  • Researching safe options for us
  • Organic clothing
  • Water filtration system or delivery of safe water in glass bottles
  • E-Books

What ideas do you have? What would you like to receive? What gifts have you received that were safe and treasured?

8 responses to “MCS/ES Safe Gift Ideas

  1. Pure beeswax candles with cotton wicks!

    • Definitely a better option than regular petroleum based candles for those who tolerate burning!

      I worry though that we won’t have beeswax much longer, due to the pesticides killing off all the bees.
      Soy wax, I have heard, can be full of impurities (including GMO based pesticides) so that is not a good alternative either.

      I have a beeswax candle for emergencies only (like if my LED lantern’s batteries ran out before I could replace them).
      I won’t burn candles for ambience anymore.

  2. Pretty ceramic mug & tea bags, glass items (either practical or pretty–especially prisms to hang in window & make rainbows for me :D ), computer games, washable cotton purse/tote bags, cotton quilts and towels. I am so thankful for friends and family that have given me all of these, as well as some things you mentioned, over the years!!! Some of these may be problematic for people that are more sensitive to fabric dyes etc. than I am, though.

    • Nice!
      With mugs and tea we can think of the gift giver every time we have a cuppa!
      I love the rainbows too!
      Yes, textiles can be tricky.
      Glass and stainless steel can usually be easily detoxed.
      I was gifted a beautiful hand-blown glass ball to hang in my window last year!
      And I received coloured glass pebbles to cover the problematic new soil on my (indoors for winter) plants this year.
      It’s wonderful to have family and friends who don’t give up easily and go the extra (mile or ten) to find safe gifts <3

      • Yes!!! Oh, my, what a wonderful idea about the glass pebbles!! I wonder if that would allow me to have indoor plants again. :) <3

        • It made it possible for me to keep these plants after I transplanted them in fresh soil to bring inside for the winter… The soil was “organic”, but their proprietary fertilizer made me woozy… The plants have some sentimental value in addition to providing winter greenery and some air filtration, so I really didn’t want to let them freeze outside and asked the local “buy nothing” type groups if people had any glass pebbles they could spare… It was really nice how several online community members rallied to get me enough <3
          I still water the plants at night before I go to bed in case there's any moldiness arising, and I really need to get one of those moisture meters to know if the soil is dry or moist under as I can no longer see it or stick my finger in it, but I can share the room with them and really enjoy them as they grow… and the glass pebbles are so pretty and remind me that even though I am totally isolated here, there's a part of the community here with me <3

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