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EAA Urges Precaution on Wireless, GMO’s, Nanotechnology and More

For those of you who like to keep up on these things, here’s another new report urging more precaution on wireless, GMO’s, nanotechnology, and more. Our current system allows new things to be unleashed on us without proper safety testing and precaution.  At 750 (free) pages, it’s a bit longer than a tweet or a fb update, but delving into it could change your life, and give you the resources to help create more urgently required changes around you.

Safe Canary Nest: Resources for people with MCS/ES

We have a fabulous new resource that Heather Awen has put together.

She writes:

The Safe Canary Nest was created in the first three months of my MCS diagnosis.  As I was scrambling like mad to find out where to shop, what to eat, how to afford it, which doctors to trust, and venturing into MCS online groups, my online folder “MCS” became massive. I found bits and pieces of information here and there, but nothing centralized.

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Do We Not Have the Right to a Healthy Environment?

The way things are now, polluters have more rights to pollute than we have to clean air and water. That is not the way it should be, and it can be changed.

air and water

In Brazil, they now have the right to a healthy environment!

From Ecojustice, where you can learn more and take action:

the Right to a Healthy Environment

But it’s not just chemical plants and industries that pollute our air and homes. 

People  also seem to expect the right to do what they want on their properties, even if that activity impairs the ability  of someone else next door or down the block to breathe  on their property.

Woodsmoke, tobacco smoke, pesticides, herbicides and toxic laundry products are some of the things that also leave the user’s property and enter neighboring  properties and homes, with sometimes devastating effects on the health of people and pets.

I think our right to do what we want on our own property should not include the right to prevent the next person from breathing properly on their property.

What do you think?