Safe Canary Nest: Resources for people with MCS/ES

We have a fabulous new resource that Heather Awen has put together.

She writes:

The Safe Canary Nest was created in the first three months of my MCS diagnosis.  As I was scrambling like mad to find out where to shop, what to eat, how to afford it, which doctors to trust, and venturing into MCS online groups, my online folder “MCS” became massive. I found bits and pieces of information here and there, but nothing centralized.

I saw no reason someone should reinvent the wheel I was building.  If it related to MCS, I added it to my links. I wrote about my first hand experiences and some experiences of friends.  …

I am happiest about the creation of the Canary Yellow Pages. Many persons with MCS have great talents and can only work occasionally or have no place to sell their wares. We need a way to financially support each other.  By Canaries For Canaries.  Anyone with MCS can advertize their cottage industry or skills.

The last section I am working on is the photo gallery.  Many of us with MCS have cognitive problems, especially with words, memory and linear thought.  By seeing how people have created their safe nests in photos could inspire those who are visual learners. I hope persons with MCS will email housing solution photos, with photographer credit, for that page.

Check out the Safe Canary Nest for yourself.

The Resources list may be the most extensive one that anyone has ever assembled.

Great work Heather! Thanks!

there's gold in the nest

UPDATED link July 2015

7 responses to “Safe Canary Nest: Resources for people with MCS/ES

  1. Hello Linda, i was wondering how i could promote my two Canadain made portable and whole house hepa systems to your group?rgards Murray Rideout Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 11:31:43 +0000 To:

    • Murray,

      Do you have a website with details about your product?
      I know a lot of people with MCS/ES don’t tolerate HEPA filters due to the glues used, and some because of the processing chemicals in the actual barrier material itself. Then there’s the motor oils or varnish. Those need to be enclosed and not exhausting into the air. Also the electromagnetic fields… Many things to consider!

    • Murray, I received the comment you left on the other post but I am not releasing it there, because I already did answer you here, and you haven’t answered back..

      • FYI… Murray has added yet another comment to yet another post in a tone that makes me think he would be awful to deal with if there were any problems with his products ,(he hasn’t checked to see my response to his first comment here and is now pestering me on all other blog posts) so I am not releasing any more comments by him.

        Those of us with MCS/ES have enough problems. We don’t need more from people trying to sell us things.

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