2013… Friends, I Remember and Won’t Forget

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The world lost three amazing women and I lost three good friends in the first three months of this year. Linda left her poisoned body behind in January. Janine left her poisoned body behind in February. Connie left her poisoned body behind  in March.

I’m pretty sure MCS was not mentioned on any of their death certificates, but MCS  certainly had a far greater impact on each their lives, and their family lives than any listed cause of death did.

These three incredible women suffered a great deal from being poisoned by toxic chemicals in everyday use, toxic chemicals that are allowed in everyday products like pesticides, laundry products and fragrances.

These toxic chemicals might not kill immediately, but they do kill. They do make people suffer. They wreak havoc on lives, families, communities and the air, water, soil and food of the planet we all depend on for life.

It’s time to take them seriously and get them out of everyday products and materials and enact proper, health (instead of corporate) protective regulations.

2013 I Remember

My friends, I miss you so, and I will never forget you.

♥ ♥ ♥

I will continue to hold you in my heart and do what I can to make the world a safer, healthier place for everyone.

♥ ♥ ♥

May all beings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering…

♥ ♥ ♥

7 responses to “2013… Friends, I Remember and Won’t Forget

  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your dear friends.

  2. May they rest in peace, and their legacy be taken seriously. No one deserves to suffer. Things will change, Linda; we just have to keep pushing. And by the looks of it, these lovely beings will burn on as inspiration within the hearts of all they’ve touched.

    Miche [hug for you]

  3. I’ve always said our illness is like diabetes. Like us it can go into remission with effective and lucky(safespace to live) lifestyle changes. But, people still don’t always take care of that illness and have strokes,blindness,amputations . We have cellular damage that leads to cancer, heart/lung failings and we don’t know what more. My point- Long past time for some researcher to study us because we don’t know. Diabetes wouldn’t be taken so seriously if the above results weren’t known. Moreover, we owe it to the memory of all mcsers that have died from complications of mcs and, yes, their poisoned bodies. Records exist in ei doctors offices of mcs patients and although our families many times abandon us-if my past ei doctor would call my emergency contact# then my family would tell them if I was dead(burying us is one good thing they do).—Also I wish I could donate my body to a research study like other brain disorders(early alzheimers and sport player dementia). We’re afraid more of us would commit suicide(we should have a count of that too) but those other researchers had same concern and put conditions in play for qualification so no suicides(can’t find where I read). Our researchers are looking for treatments, which many of us can’t afford and I know too many mcsers that are in remission just because they were lucky emough to have a safe place to liveand heal. I think we need this different medical direction. Linda, thanks for letting me vent because I’m so sad and angry about mcsers dying too soon and thanks for remembering your friends.

    • Did you know that some of the fragrance and other toxic chemicals that harm us are now linked to diabetes? So many chronic illnesses are being linked to these toxic chemicals and pollution caused by them the oil, gas and petro-chemical industry.

      Most research $ is from that pharmaceutical, aka oil, gas and petro-chemical industry. Since their products and materials are the ones that injured and harm us, they aren’t likely to find drugs to treat our symptoms, so they don’t do research, because most research is only funded to make drugs, not to prevent causation.

      We are healed, when possible, by avoiding their products and materials, and by organic foods and supplements, clean (filtered) water and clean air….

      Far too many people with MCS/ES and related conditions have suffered unthinkably…

      I hope and pray and write so that enough people wake up to our current global reality and take action to get the toxic chemicals out of everyday products and materials so that more don’t get injured and disabled and dead.

  4. Yes, I agree. I’m going to refer my research question to Pamela Reed Gibson, though Stay strong and keep up your good work.

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