You Are A Guinea Pig: Part 2

guinea pig

David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz who wrote the first article in Part One appear on Bill Moyers

Understanding what we are up against

Full Show: The Toxic Politics of Science

Full Transcript

And if you want to do something about it (and please do), here’s more:

Put Sensible Limits on Chemicals

Take Action

Full link:

Thank you Bill Moyers!

This was just posted to their website:

Blinding Us From Science

Science is under attack. With corporations manufacturing uncertainty to undermine studies that hurt their bottom lines and the sequester cutting billions in funding for scientific research, you’d think the American science community would be hunkered down in their labs avoiding outside interference at all costs.  … continued at:

4 responses to “You Are A Guinea Pig: Part 2

  1. The system wants to leave MCS and other hypersensitives in the shadows. Imagine the loss of profits for the pharmaceutical companies if the public learned the horrors that await those who get too much exposure to chemicals…especially to pharmaceuticals? And how useless drugs are for curing anything?

    • The oil, gas, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries are one and the same. If anyone explores the article links to the chemical companies from the first post, people will see that.

      It’s tragic that that industry which makes so many of us sick (cancer, asthma, MCS, etc) has taken control of our health care systems, giving us pharma-care, instead of the system actually providing for healthy treatments and prevention.

      They have their hands in pretty deep to the industrial “food” system too.

      I actually saw a video about that last night. If I can find it, I’ll post the link here.

      Awareness is the 1st step… then we can move on to action…

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