Brain Diseases Affecting More People Earlier…

“Changing patterns of neurological mortality in the 10 major developed countries – 1979–2010”

“This has to be speculative but it cannot be genetic because the period is too short. Whilst there will be some influence of more elderly people, it does not account for the earlier onset; the differences between countries nor the fact that more women have been affected, as their lives have changed more than men’s over the period, all indicates multiple environmental factors.

Considering the changes over the last 30 years – the explosion in electronic devices, rises in background non-ionising radiation- PC’s, micro waves, TV’s, mobile phones; road and air transport up four-fold increasing background petro-chemical pollution; chemical additives to food etc.

There is no one factor rather the likely interaction between all these environmental triggers, reflecting changes in other conditions.

For example, whilst cancer deaths are down substantially, cancer incidence continues to rise; levels of asthma are un-precedented; the fall in male sperm counts – the rise of auto-immune diseases – all point to life-style and environmental influences.

These `statistics’ are about real people and families, and we need to recognise that there is an `epidemic’ that clearly is influenced by environmental and societal changes.”

~ Professor Colin Pritchard


The only brain in my files...

Photo: While the article subject is serious, this is the only brain in my photo files, of a knitted beanie that made the rounds on fb…

Research Abstract:


“These results pose a major public health problem, as the epigenetic contribution to these changes, rather than longevity, have serious implications indicating earlier onset of neurological morbidity pressurizing families, health and social care services, with resource implications especially for Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA.”

2 responses to “Brain Diseases Affecting More People Earlier…

  1. watch for neurologist David Perlmutter’s book Grain Brain – September 2013

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