Guide to Safer Salmon

While we are on the subject of food…

If you are still eating fish, especially salmon, then you need to know this:

farmed salmon detailsWhat’s in farmed salmon?

Diets of pregnant women contain harmful, hidden toxins

Know the Difference:



Alexandra Morton has just posted this much more extensive

Guide to Safe Salmon

Learn more:

Salmon… Farmed: Diseased and Toxic!

US Seafood Advice Flawed on Mercury, Omega-3s

Food and Personal Power

Go Veg

Care about others. Eat healthy.

13 responses to “Guide to Safer Salmon

  1. Thanks for the link to Go Veg. I only eat Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon. I’ve heard to many bad things about farm raised seafood of any kind.

  2. Thank you! This is so good to know. Regarding canned salmon, do we just look for “wild” on the label?

  3. Colleen, I am reading “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo, and on p. 31 it says that “wild-caught” is different from “wild.” The “wild” label means the fish was spawned, lived in, and was caught in the wild. The “wild-caught” label means the fish may have been spawned or lived for some part of its life on a fish farm before being returned to the wild and then caught. More deceptive labeling. The book also says the Monterey Bay aquarium has a list of the most sustainable fish choices (the book didn’t provide the link).
    Linda, thanks for another meticulously researched blog entry with fantastic links. I have an entire folder just to save your articles and links.
    I read that in my area (New York City) they tested a whole bunch of salmon marketed as wild, and it was actually farmed. Yet another deception.
    Linda, again, thanks for posting the pictures, because as I see them, I think I’ve actually bought so-called wild salmon that was really farmed. I remember it looked more like the farmed picture. Ugh.

    • Really? What does it say about our regulatory systems that you need a folder of links???
      (and I do tend to embed a lot in my posts)

      On the one hand, I am happy to share what I learn, but the levels of deception and green-washing that industries are allowed to get away with are mindbogglingly outrageous (and the boggling part is probably part of the strategy, to keep people too paralyzed to act).

      We’re supposed to have government regulations to protect us, not regulations to protect industry from us (as tends to be the case today)

      And thank you so much for clarifying the dif between “wild-caught” and “wild.” (sighs)

      That said, I don’t know if there is any unpolluted fish left on this planet. And since pollutants accumulate up the food chain, the healthies diets we can eat now are certified (or better than) organic and plant based…

      Oh, and on the subject of certified organic, “they” have created such a certification for farmed salmon – DON’T FALL FOR IT! The allowable pollutants and practices do not come anything close to what we would expect or want from a certified organic food.

  4. “We’re supposed to have government regulations to protect us, not regulations to protect industry from us.”
    Oh, very well put! Sad but true. Between my allergies and intolerances, the GMOs, and the greenwashing, I might as well stop eating, LOL. I looked at some of the safe fish, and I can’t have the canned because of nickel allergy. I can’t eat beans for the same reason, and I can’t have soy because of my thyroid.
    Oy vey! I would be a total failure as a vegan.
    I think there were some frozen fish on the Marine Stewardship link, so I will look for those. But really it was quite helpful to see the pictures showing the difference between farmed and wild salmon, especially the part about how the wild doesn’t show fat.
    I don’t eat fish much these days (BP oil spill/mercury/Fukushima/PCBs/dioxins/everything else), but when I do it’s usually salmon so this is great to have.

    • Oy…
      and I hear you…
      When our choice is often between bad or worse or do without… when there’s only so much we can do without…

      I’m having food (and other necessity) contamination issues galore today… I might post about them when my brain recovers from the exposures…

  5. I’ve just updated the post to include a new link with more details:
    Guide to Safe Salmon

  6. Another new website about salmon farms:

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