True Cost Accounting For Food

I’m sharing a lot of videos about food lately, as what we put in our mouths, chew and swallow is something we have more control over than many other things in life. If a healthy life is the goal, then nourishing food is required, but not all food is created the same. Hopefully these videos inspire you to examine what you eat, where it comes from and how, and also help you choose foods that are the most nourishing for yourself, your family, and the earth that supports us.

Here is an excellent short video introducing true cost accounting for food



You can watch their short film about eggs on PBS here:

The Lexicon of Sustainability: The Story of an Egg

And to learn more, check out their website:

I look forward to learning more myself… even though I find their website a bit too busy and hard on an injured brain, there is a wealth of information and interesting little films there.

Eat Food Not Products and GMOs

2 responses to “True Cost Accounting For Food

  1. I too fell for the at first cage free egg and then the free range egg. I wish more people thought about the total cost of everything they buy. A friend once said how she was going to buy her new appliances in another city because they were so much cheaper. I asked her if it would be cheaper when her taxes went up. She didn’t get how buying her stuff somewhere other than she lived matter. Here we pay local and county sales tax. By buying the “cheaper” stuff in a different city and county they got the tax dollars. So our city needed to raise taxes to make up the difference. She said she never looked at it that way.

    It’s even tougher with food. People have to pay for this every week — so they want to spend as little as possible.

    I agree with you on the website but I loved the videos. Thanks for finding all this great stuff. :D

    • Thank you for thinking about it and asking your friend to think about it!

      The next thing that needs to be addressed in the world of chickens and eggs is what happens to all the roosters…
      Bad male karma might have something to do with it, but we create more bad karma by allowing some practices to continue.

      And then there’s Wal-Mart…
      So many people complain about all the problems Wal-Mart has created in the world (like a lack of decent local jobs and fair wages, just to begin with) without understanding how their own shopping habits directly contribute…

      Whose responsibility is it to teach people about cause and effect, and to keep people informed? If it’s ours, what about all the people who have been trained to believe in authority figures and “experts”? Who teaches them?

      Food is so important. How we nourish ourselves makes such a big difference, not only in our own life, but in the entire world!

      One of the first posts on this blog is about how even one little change can make a big difference!

      Making a difference one apple at a time

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