If We’re Not Careful

This could happen here too…

We share the air on this little planet. Out appetite for disposable stuff is spewing a lot of toxic waste into the air, and most of it is oil, gas, coal, and petrochemical based.

Beijing  Picture: Austral Source: Supplied

Picture: Austral Source: Supplied

MOST brides are keen to look their best on their big day — but this lovestruck couple took their matrimonial garb to a new extreme in Beijing.

Chinese scientists have warned the country’s toxic air pollution is now so bad that it’s slowing photosynthesis in plants — and potentially wreaking havoc on the country’s food supply.

See the rest of the photos here:

Chinese couple pose for wedding photos wearing gas masks during Beijing’s big smog


I don’t know about you, but I think it’s madness to allow corporations to continue polluting this planet and threatening our very existence just to have piles of stuff we end up dumping in the trash.

What can we do to sustain life instead?

24 responses to “If We’re Not Careful

  1. Reblogged this on allergictolifemybattle and commented:
    Oh, I can’t bear the thought.

    • Hopefully we can prevent this from happening here.
      Oh wait, people with MCS have had to wear masks at their own weddings because guests have arrived with fragrances…

  2. Oh dear, as if this is enough…. Being able to buy masks and air purifiers to make breathing a little easier and pay for treating some of the adverse health effects does not compensate for the lack of clean air and lack of health…

    I do hope the extra compensation is high enough to actually convince all the companies to reduce and ultimately eliminate the pollution instead of accepting it as just another (little) cost of doing business:

    “Hardship pay has taken on new meaning for foreign workers in China. On Thursday, Japanese-based Panasonic became the first international company to openly state that it will pay employees in China a wage premium to compensate the hazardous air pollution levels there.”


  3. I read a summary of an article in a Chinese newspaper in which people in China were complaining about the the pollution in the air, contamination of the soil and apparently there were recent scandals about contaminated milk and toxic baby toys as well. Someone told me there is a huge MCS problem in China (not surprising).
    There definitely needs to be a lot more activism everywhere: here, China, etc. It is disgusting how many things corporations get away with.

    • I didn’t know about the MCS… but I don’t doubt it…
      I do hear about cancer a lot.
      And so much corruption and cutting corners…
      There are massive pollution problems in China because all the manufacturing got sent over there due to their lack of regulations, unlike the few we have here, plus the lack of living wages there…
      So, no jobs here, and horrid conditions there…
      And, that pollution actually blows across the ocean and is felt on the west coast of North America!

  4. Oh, great! Ugh.
    No, that hardship pay certainly does not compensate for someone being poisoned.
    I heard about the MCS in China from my friend’s acupuncturist, who goes back there a lot to visit her family. I heard something else about there being one place where the soil was so polluted that it was actually better not to eat any vegetables at all. I wanted to link to this article from the New Yorker about a horribly polluted steel town in China, but without a subscription it only shows part of the article and the slide show. It’s enough, though…awful. .http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/photobooth/2013/11/chinas-polluted-steel-town.html#slide_ss_0=8

    • This is so sad…
      When people don’t have clean air, clean water, or safe food… there’s no quality of life… and why?
      So a few corporations can make billions of dollars?
      What are those dollars?
      Me thinks they represent blood…

      We need to imagine and create a world that doesn’t allow these kinds of atrocities to continue….
      We can have a world based on respect and kindness if we want.

  5. Blood, exactly.
    God, I would love to live in a world based on respect and kindness.
    How to get there when corporate monsters and governments have the power to crush people without suffering any consequences …

    • Each and every one of us has the power to develop so much peace and compassion that together we can stop those corporations in their tracks!

  6. You’re inspiring! I always end up feeling hopeless and beaten down because of the whole chronic illness grind.

    • As I was writing a really long response, the oatmeal I was cooking (on low) still managed to simmer out a slimy mess all over the stove… Now I have to remember NOT to turn that burner on without taking it all apart and cleaning what went below… One of these days I’ll figure out how to cook it without making a mess… In the meantime, my stove is cleaner than it has been in years from all the messes I’ve had to wipe up ;-)

      See? If we focus on what we CAN do, instead of what we can’t, things are much better :-)

  7. Haha, very true! Otherwise we will go crazy.
    I relate to your oatmeal accidents. I have started smoothies and forgotten about them while writing Facebook or blog comments. In my mixer, if you blend the smoothie too long, it either explodes or turns into soup. For some reason, the green smoothies explode and the fruit smoothies turn into fruit soup. :-/

    • I always use a kitchen timer, and it still doesn’t help sometimes… Darn cognitive issues…

      I’m hoping VitaMix starts making a new stainless steel container really soon, as my teeth are falling out (no safe and appropriate access to dental care for years) and it’s getting harder to chew so I’m needing those smoothies and soups… but that’s another story. Maybe I should post the link to the petition someone else started…

      Thanks for that idea Miss! (and the warning)

  8. Ugh! So sorry about your teeth! I sympathize. I tested allergic to two dental compounds and two metals. I think I got the allergies from composite fillings and root canals I had over the years. I tried switching to a biological dentist but that didn’t help. So now I am just going to a regular dentist who knows my patch-test dermatologist, and I had a dental allergen test, and in two weeks I have to have a piece of crown material taped to my back to see if I react. Meanwhile it will take me at least a year and a half to pay off this new crown. Dental stuff … Ugh. I’m sure you have researched this extensively, but did you ever try zirconium or lithium disilicate? I know the last biological dentist I tried used zirconium and ozonated water.
    I have a Vitamix too—that is my blender that turns smoothies into soup. I bought it last May when they took out my wisdom tooth. What is wrong with the glass container (or do I not want to know, LOL)?
    Sure, post the link. I’ll sign the petition, although I am stuck with the glass because stainless steel is bad for nickel allergy. I will sign it for you and whoever else needs stainless though.
    It’s all just so fun, this stuff. Why did I major in art instead of chemistry? :-/

    • Thank you!
      I’m writing a new post with the Vita-Mix link. As far as I know, they do not make glass pitchers, just plastic. Plastic is a problem for me, especially with food.

      Re dental, I haven’t had the health/help/clothing/money/income to do everything that could be done for someone with adequate health/help/clothing/money/income, and the limited dental insurance I do have doesn’t cover anything remotely safe or accessible to me. I wrote about some of it some time last year, I think… Not much has changed, except for new infections…

      Apparently there’s a connection with glutathione issues (common with MCS/ES) and dental problems. I’ve lost the links I had to that research and haven’t had the energy or felt like researching it again. A lot of people with MCS/ES have increased dental problems that aren’t just due to lack of safe access, but which lack of safe access to dental care really exacerbates, as what could be done to help, doesn’t get done due to the above mentioned barriers.

  9. Sorry! Wasn’t meaning to be insensitive! :-( I got very focused on dental materials, which are my main concern, and forgot about the stuff like perfume and industrial cleaners and God-knows-what air-freshener plug-in crap that is in most dental offices, plus the issue of transportation, plus the chemical mouthwash crap, etc. I will look up your dental posts.
    The financial part I am unfortunately familiar with. Medicare for disability does not give dental insurance, and U.S. dental insurance is a joke in general. I have crazy dental and medical debt.
    You’re right. I think mine IS plastic. It is so heavy I thought it was glass, believe it or not. Oy! — Vicki

    • No apology needed! From you anyway… but maybe from me… There’s something in the air around here which has been affecting me this week, making conversations more challenging…

      And, you might want to skip making soups or other hot things in that Vita-Mix :-(
      More about that in my next blog post…

      I wish I was comfortable having debts… I have a thing about wanting to make sure I can pay back anything I borrow, as well as a real hate-on for loan-sharking levels of interest. Maybe it would be better for me to suck it up and become dependent upon the legal loan sharks too, so that I could access more of what I’ve been living without, but so far I haven’t found a way to wrap my mind around that in a way that feels good to me (maybe it’s poverty mentality too, I don’t know). If you have any helpful ideas in that regard, please share!

  10. Ha, not really. I try to pay off as much as I can per month, and with the current dentist I worked out a payment plan where I pay small amounts directly via check, avoiding paying credit-card interest. Some dentists here will do that, because very few people have quality dental insurance, and they would rather have a patient making regular small payments than a patient to whom they need to keep sending bills. There is also this thing called CareCredit that I used once, in which if you pay something off in a year you don’t have to pay interest. However, if you go even one second past the 365 days, immediately some insane, bloodsucking interest rate kicks in. Also, although I didn’t have a problem with CareCredit, a lot of people complain about them, so I can’t really recommend them. In general I think the best thing is to try to make a deal with the doctor or dentist. Even if the dentist is not a very nice person (mine isn’t), often he or she would rather deal with a responsible patient than an insurance company.
    Wow, I read your dental series, and I realize you’re dealing with about ten more levels of dental horror and complexity than I am! I am really sorry! I didn’t even think about issues like anesthesia (I don’t react to Novacaine or lidocaine), and I didn’t realize that there were so few biological dentists where you are. The stuff my dermatologist plans to tape to my back is supposedly all ceramic, but I don’t know how innocuous it is, considering he wants to test it, even though the dentist had his assistant do a whole bunch of research for products that didn’t contain my allergens. I still have a ton of stuff I’m allergic to in my mouth, including porcelain crowns with gold underneath (no amalgam fillings though, just composite, but I’m now allergic to some ingredients in composites). I can’t afford to have all my dental work redone because that would be TOO much debt, and there’s no guarantee it would immediately fix all my symptoms.
    I will keep that in mind about Vitamixes and soup. Any soup made in there was accidental (i.e. blueberry-and-rice-milk smoothie soup caused by Vitamixing while Facebooking).

    • Lol about the Vitamixing while Facebooking…

      Good to know that some dentists will take payments. And yea, the dental issues we have can become so many layers of complicated to deal with if we don’t have access to a good, knowledgable dentist at the beginning…

      Someone recently told me there is a safer dentist in town, but she hasn’t given me his contact details yet. I will have to discuss things over the phone and then see if I can manage clothing and a ride, etc etc…

      I have a mouth full of mercury, with a few little white fillings (one of which I think caused some major gum and bone loss) and with so many loose teeth, I’m thinking a safe Vita-Mix is a better investment than a dentist!

  11. Hello,
    I’m also having a nightmare with my teeth so I completely simpathize with you both! My severe MCS was brought on by a huge “more than average” exposure to heavy metals ( mainly Mercury ) at a dental clinic called VITAL DENT here in Spain. They “drilled down” an Amalgam filling to accomodate a denture (that was supposingly made to fit!) with no protection whatsoever to not poison me. At the time I had no idea that my fillings were made of “toxic metals” nor that the detiorating health conditions or the strange and very severe asma that made me feel I was choking to death was actually a symptom of severe MCS I had developed in concequence. So I kept trying one dentist and another and managed to poison myself further. I had terrible heavy bouts of hemorraging (that lasted weeks and even months at a time!) only to leave me anemic and bed-ridden for most of the time (doctors said it was pre-menopause !)and the doctors here put me on HRT “to control the bleeding”. I couldn’t tolerate the HRT it gave me all the adverse reactions and more! My doctors said basically I have to take it if I didn’t want to bleed to death! My teeth were getting very loose and many had to be pulled my jawbone began to shrink too so my front teeth also were dislocated and loosing their rooting. I couldn’t even stand on my feet for a few minutes I was so weak and fatigued. I saw a Specialist in ginecology who looked at all my medical history did some special screening and told me I had Adenomiosis and most probably “endometriosis”, as he was aware of my economical situation (disabled yet unrecognised and poor as I have no income or aid) he urged me to research this on internet. Well I didn’t have internet so I went out sometimes, when I found the strength, to find some info and print it out to try and study later at home. It took me about 4 years from the “huge exposure” to relate it to all my symptoms or illnesses . This happened in 2008 and I have been living in a hell of no recognition, no aid or support, except the informative and emotional support I have found from fellow sufferers on internet.
    I believe in Canada and USA there are many dentists who follow “special protocol” for Mercury poisoned, MCS, patients etc. IOAMT had a Spring Meeting in Vancouver last week, check it out! Here in Spain this is like looking for a pin in a haystack! Information is censured so much that if I didn’t speak english and couldn’t access articles from other countries I would never had found this out! I had been told “It’s all in you head” and I’m nobody to be considered as most patients are happy with treatment and thats what matters!
    I have been spied on and hacked and God knows what more pressures and trash they will come up with to “shut me up”, isn’t it enough to poison me, creating all these disabilities, then abandoning me refusing to take any responsabilities, hoping I will just DISAPPEAR as no-one want’s to acknowledge the damage they have done and that they will keep on doing it seems!
    The IOAMT has a list of dentists that are trained in “holistic dentistry” and Dr.Hal Huggins at hugginsappliedhealing.com gives very good advice.
    Sorry I missed the article on dental work you refer to but would be interested to read it if you remember the link.
    Take good care you all! God bless.
    P.D. I think they are having similar probs in Alberta with doctors refusing to (or being told not to recognise) treat/acknowledge (petrol-induced) MCS in their patients! They also have been told they are not important what’s important is the Industry and they are told they should “move away”!

    • That this is happening to you (and so many others) is completely heartbreaking and WRONG!

      We do have biological dentists, but most are not fragrance free, and they are very expensive, putting them out of reach for those of us who require non-toxic dental care.

      The situation in Alberta has raised more public awareness and hopefully will give more doctors the courage to step up, get educated, speak out and then not only “do no harm”, but actually begin to do us some good.

      I hope and pray that you and all the rest of us who have been poisoned by mercury or anything else, that recognition, understanding, inclusion and care come soon.

      Here is my resource page for dental issues http://lindasepp.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/access-to-safe-and-appropriate-dental-care-for-people-with-mcses-part-2/

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  13. Delhi smog: Masks and purifiers are ‘in’ this wedding season, a la Virushka

    The Delhi wedding reception of Virat Kohli and Anushka had an interesting prop: air purifiers. Many couples in Delhi-NCR are also getting pollution-ready for their big day, and even using masks for couple albums.

    “At the recent wedding reception of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma, there was a high-profile guest list — and air purifiers to ensure that the toxic air of Delhi couldn’t invade the VIP lungs. In fact, Virushka isn’t the only couple whose wedding planner thought of this. Five- or four-star hotels in Delhi-NCR are all installing air purifiers in rooms and banquet halls to ensure that guests get clean air. Some couples are going a step further and shooting their pre-wedding albums with the anti-pollution mask as an accessory.”

    But here’s where some of them completely miss the point and add more pollutants into the air:

    “Air purifiers, however, are the order of the day. Swati Pandya, a wedding decor stylist, says, “We’re very cautious these days and turn [any] outdoor arena into an enclosure by using fabric, and [then] install air purifiers that give off different aromas.”


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