Lyme Awareness Month: Lyme Myths

Are you Lyme Aware?
More than a few of my online friends developed MCS/ES in addition to Lyme Disease.
Miss D exposes a few common myths…

Miss Diagnoses

Hello! It’s not only Lyme Awareness Month but also Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, Food Allergy Awareness Month, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) Awareness Month, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Awareness Month, and Asthma Awareness Month. OK, so I think fibromyalgia, ME, and MCS technically only have an awareness DAY, which is today, May 12, and that’s not fair. Still, I have a few of these conditions, and so I am wondering who decided to make May the awareness month for ALL OF THEM. Severe fatigue is a symptom for most of the conditions, so couldn’t awareness days and months be distributed more evenly throughout the year? So we can, you know, rest?

Too tired to attend awareness day protest

Anyway, in honor of Lyme Awareness Month, I bring you:

Some Lyme Myths

1. Myth: You have to be “outdoorsy” or like hiking to get Lyme disease.

My family keeps asking me why I got it, since I am not “outdoorsy.” I…

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4 responses to “Lyme Awareness Month: Lyme Myths

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging this! Lyme can definitely worsen or create chemical sensitivities, because it really compromises your immune system. Ugh!

  2. On December 22, 2011 my lover killed himself because he could not find relief from the increasingly bad symptoms of chronic lyme, had been denied disability benefits, had exhausted his savings, and the tinnitus, pain, fatigue and depression was major major. He said the tinnitus was like the “bugs” were screaming at him in his brain. It is an awful disease and there needs to be more awareness. In memory of Steven P. Shears, Eureka, California. I should say I couldn’t help, having chronic migraine/chemical intolerance and living 250 miles away at the time, powerless……

    • I’m so sorry Suki <3

      I'm aware of quite a few people who are experiencing brutally difficult lives due to Lyme Disease.

      Tragically, with most of the environmentally linked chronic illnesses, there is little to no medical or social support, especially when the going gets really tough.
      Sadly, it takes a lot more people being affected before we see changes, but we are reaching the point now where politicians are starting to act and call for effective strategies to deal with Lyme Disease, at least in Canada, and I've seen a lot more news articles from the US too.

      In the meantime, if anyone knows anyone who is suffering in a bad way, find a way to be a friend, see what they need, and find a way to help ease at least a little of that suffering. It's really not that difficult. The obstacles are primarily created by thoughts, not by anything solid.

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