We Were Not Designed To Be Polluted

Our bodies are truly amazing things, but we were not designed to be polluted.

doctor we are not designed to be polluted

Do you know where the petrochemical and other pollutants are in your life?

Do you know how to protect and care for your health?

4 responses to “We Were Not Designed To Be Polluted

  1. Linda, Thanks for all the great information you have given to all of us. Hope you are doing better. We have discovered a new treatment for sensitivities along with a number of other protocols for many of the problems we all suffer from, at least it is VERY new to us. We purchased a PTL ll laser (cold laser) and are using it with success for sensitivities , anxiety, depression and many more symptoms we haven’t had the time to try just yet. I wanted to passed this on to you and your readers in case anyone is interested. It’s non-invasive and you take your time as far as how you want to work on the symptoms you have. It’s from the company Biolight Technologies in case anyone wants to check it out. My partner went to a local doctor in Phoenix and had the first visit and it actually worked. We just can’t afford to both go for treatments so we purchased a laser to use at home (where it is safer anyway). Just wanted to share that news, maybe some haven’t thought of that to try. It has really given both of us hope and good results. Thanks again! Kay

    • I’m glad you have found something that is helping with the accompanying anxiety, depression, etc. I don’t know anything about lasers, so can’t comment on them.

      If you haven’t already, you could also look into the brain retraining programs, there’s a lot of free stuff available too, if you can’t buy or borrow a copy of one of those programs being sold for limbic system retraining. I have also seen people say EFT has helped them, and there’s a lot of that online you could look into to see if any of it resonates with you.

      I have personally found great benefits from practicing more traditional meditation techniques, they calm my mind and body from from getting caught up in stressors, but they don’t help with the biological changes that toxic chemicals, wireless, and some molds cause, they just help me cope better with them… and apparently that can make a huge difference. I was doing them when I developed MCS, so don’t know different, but from people who learned the techniques after, they say it makes a great deal of difference.

      Wishing you much success and better health!

  2. Hi Linda, I’m needing a short write up outlining why we should avoid exposure to pollution and chemicals. Are you able to help please?

    • Hmm… I don’t do “short” very well (just have a look at most of my blog posts)… but I’ll think about it, ok?
      Who is it for? Target audience? As that can make a huge difference regarding what info they are able and willing to absorb.

      Also, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do anything pithy, (or soon) as I’m being subjected to exposures here…

      In the meantime…

      There are lots of websites with good info, like Women’s Voices for the Earth, the Mind the Store campaign, Silent Spring, EWG, Healthy Child Healthy World, and others, some in my sidebar, that are devoted to sharing info on the subject matter too – there’s probably something suitable there that you could direct people to (unless it has to do with MCS/ES specifically – some of them mention us indirectly, but they are geared towards people who are still using toxic chemicals on a daily basis)

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