New Link: CHRC Policy On Environmental Sensitivities

The Canadian Human Rights Commission

Policy on Environmental Sensitivities

A PDF of the policy (which I copied here when I saw it had disappeared) is now available to download from the Canadian Human Rights Commission website, having been reviewed in January of 2014. (It’s not available to view as a simple web page).

The site also includes new links to download PDFs of the 2007 documents “The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities” and “Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities: Legal Perspective”.



4 responses to “New Link: CHRC Policy On Environmental Sensitivities

  1. Thank you Linda for always keeping us updated, your work and efforts are greatly appreciated :) Bless you :)

    • Thank you Therese… The update I would most love to give would be the one that says we have all decided that life is more important than money, and that lovingly caring for the planet that sustains our lives and for the well-being of each other and future generations is now the way of this world…

  2. Amen :) Thanks you are sooo beautifull :) Maybe if we all start praying together for this to be true there could be a shift in the will of mankind!

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