Here’s An Interview You Don’t Want To Miss!

An Interview With Bruce Lourie

Connie from the Breast Cancer Fund recently interviewed Bruce Lourie, who has (among many other things) co-authored two books with Rick Smith. Many of you will be familiar with their first book “Slow Death By Rubber Duck”. They recently released a new book “TOXIN TOXOUT”, which was written after repeatedly being asked what could be done about the chemical body burden they discovered and discussed in their first book. In this interview Bruce very candidly discusses some of the issues we all face regarding everyday chemical exposures, and touches on what we can all do about them.


I’m pretty sure you will want to buy the book after you check out the interview. I don’t have Kobo (just kindle for PC) and can’t read paper and ink books, so I am unable to read the book myself, but if I won a lottery, and wanted to gift everyone I know a book, based on what Bruce discusses in the interview, I think this would be the book.

I am deeply grateful for all the excellent work they do.

Here are the links to the TOXIN TOXOUT and  Breast Cancer Fund websites.


6 responses to “Here’s An Interview You Don’t Want To Miss!

  1. Sounds like a great book :) Why can’t you read it on kindle? Never even heard of KOBO :(
    Thanks fot the post! Will pass it on :)

    • KOBO is similar to kindle. I don’t know if there’s a tool to change KOBO formatting to kindle formatting. The book isn’t being offered in a kindle version now.

  2. I’m glad more and more people are getting the word out. It is encouraging t that we can at least get some of the toxic chemicals back out of our bodies.

    • Yes…
      Some day they will understand more about the other types of damage toxic chemicals do to our brains, bodies, and all the teensy weensy things that go on to keep us functioning…

  3. if you want more

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