Do we exaggerate the dangers of conventional fabrics?

Another excellent post from O ECOTEXTILES

…”The generations born from 1970 on are the first to be raised in a truly toxified world. Probably one in three of the children you know suffers from a chronic illness – based on the finding of many studies on children’s health issues.[5] It could be cancer, or birth defects – perhaps asthma, or a problem that affects the child’s mind and behavior, such as a learning disorder, ADHD or autism or even a peanut allergy. We do know, for example: …”


We received a comment on one of our blog posts recently in which the reader chastised us for exaggerating issues which they believe are disproportionate to the facts. In their words: For instance formaldehyde… is a volatile chemical…no doubt it is used in the textile industry a great deal…but looking for this chemical in end products is an example chasing a ghost…. It has to be put in perspective. I do not know of any citation that a human developed cancer because they wore durable press finished clothing.

Please follow along as I itemize the reasons that we don’t feel the issues are exaggerated.

Textiles are full of chemicals. The chemicals found in fabrics have been deemed to be, even by conservative organizations such as the Swedish government, simply doing us no good – and even harming us in ways ranging from subtle to profound. But fabrics are just one…

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2 responses to “Do we exaggerate the dangers of conventional fabrics?

  1. They can SAY what they like but the truth is that wearing synthetic fabrics or those with cetain chemical dyes make me sick, this is fact and I have proved it to myself, that’s enough for me! :)
    I immediately break out in a profuse sweating, get a headache, itching, then if I endure this I start to bloat, get aggresive (not physically but more like extremely irritated and ‘snappy’), brainfog or blanks and later start to suffer more severe MCS symptoms. I used to think I was somewhat allergic to synthtics but since I have been suffering this severe MCS and have reasearched and ‘tested myself’ I know much better! I used to think I was just rather ‘strange’ about synthetics, smells, conventional meds or pills, etc., like I had very highly tuned senses or whatever :)

    Some food for thought ;

    You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. – Albert Einstein

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. – Buckminster Fuller

    And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases. – Plato

    Disease is the warning, and therefore the friend – not the enemy – of mankind. – Dr. George S. Weger

    We should just heed the ‘warnings’ without having to wait for them to ACCEPT the scientific evidence that already exists! We know better! : )
    Thanks to those who spread the truth for us all to benefit from!

    Big Reiki Hugs to you all : )

    • I get serious fibromyalgia from leftover chemicals in even organic clothing until it has been detoxed countless times… Forget synthetics, I can’t have them against my skin (including furniture)… and even several layers of safe-for-me cotton isn’t enough in most cases to stop my skin from getting burn/rashes and my body from becoming painful and sluggish…

      I have a blog post in the works somewhere about how I was “disabled by underwear”…

      I am grateful to Greenpeace, O ECOTEXTILES, and others (who I can’t remember off the top of my head) for doing the research and sharing the news and for getting the public involved to demand better!

      The pollution from this kind of textile manufacturing affects all life on earth. This planet is our life support system. We need to take care of it, or our lives will not be supportable…

      May enough people realize we need to act now, and make the changes to prevent further degradation and get serious about repairing the damage already cause… It is going to take a lot of work, and a long time, but if we don’t, the suffering will become unbearable…

      I think we can do better…

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