“Smart” Meter Trouble In Paradise

Ok, so the s-meters aren’t smart, and this really isn’t paradise, but this IS supposed to be safer housing for people with environmental sensitivities and there’s an issue here that isn’t getting resolved and could put a third person at risk of serious health harm.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post, but it has come to my attention that a unit here is being shown to prospective tenants, when that unit should remain empty until the contents of the attached utility cabinet are moved away from the building.

The empty unit is currently unsafe for anyone to live in, never mind someone with environmental “sensitivities”.

I have to warn people, no matter how desperate you may be for chemically safer housing, please DO NOT try to live in the currently vacant bachelor unit here if you value your life! Even if it doesn’t affect you immediately, it will.

utility cabinet attached to bachelor unit wall

utility cabinet attached to bachelor unit wall

Above is the side view of the unit, the little windows on the left are above the sleeping area. A raised glass door technology cabinet divides that area from the “living room” in the front, which is on the other side of the utility cabinet. In the photo below you can see the rest of the living room window and the unit’s front door (taken on an angle from the next yard).

BNPHI bachelor unit with s-meters

This is not a big space, there’s no place to get away from the EMF/EMR/RF etc etc etc (pardon my language) being emanated 24/7 from the equipment in that cabinet.


ONE s-meter is enough to have an adverse health effect on people with MCS/ES. SEVEN (electrical) + ONE (water for the whole building) are enough to give a previously healthy person significant health problems.

7 electric s-meters

No-one can stay healthy or sane living in an environment with so much electro-smog.

Two people have already had their health harmed and lives turned upside down from living in that unit since all the s-meters were activated.

I am posting this publicly because if there is any chance anyone is thinking of moving into the vacant unit, I want to warn them:

DON’T, not if you value your life! Even if it doesn’t affect you immediately, it will. And if you do start experiencing problems, you might not be well enough to walk out of there after the fact.

I was successfully able to go in and out of there quite a few times while using the washing machine last fall to try to detox some new clothes, without feeling any adverse effects for a few days, but after waiting for cycles to finish a few times, I became increasingly affected to the point where I was unable to go back in there, despite there being a so-rare-it-borders-on-miraculous safe-for-me washer and dryer in there that I could use.

I have not had access to a washer or dryer for over 5 years (so anything I have that needs cleaning has to be hand-washed) while living with extreme brain fog, brain injury, fibromyalgia, probable MS, back and other injuries… and I desperately need the use of safe machines so that I can try to make some clothes safe  to wear so that I can get 3 serious dental infections and bone loss addressed… yet after only doing a few loads of laundry in there over the course of a week last year, I can’t step foot in there again

The person who moved there in the spring of 2013 had been doing quite well when she moved into that unit, needing only a safe place to live to maintain her abilities after years of work restoring her health from being bedridden by severe MCS/ES. She had felt something was off soon after arriving, but  resisted the truth for some weeks before her health tanked so much she had no choice but to take action, which meant spending as little time in there as possible (to make meals and phone calls basically) while trying to get the issue addressed to make the building and especially that unit safe to live in.

She ended up having to sleep in her car for several months while trying to get this problem resolved. She went through hell trying… It eventually got too cold out for her to continue that, and luckily for her, she was able to locate another place to live for the winter that she found tolerable, and she has been regaining her health since leaving.

There are technical details I decided not to include now. I think I’ll do another post about those at another time, because they are more relevant for those of us already (stuck) here, and for the technologically minded… they are not so necessary for now.

I’ll close by saying that I believe the cost of removing the  “smart” meters, replacing them with analogues, and moving them to a location away from this medically required building should be borne by the province and the utility companies, (not by those of us who are disabled by them or the non-profit housing association which is already underfunded) as it’s the provincial regulators who are the ones mandating these devices despite the suffering and human rights violations caused by those technologies.

Until that has been done, the unit to which all these meters are attached should not be rented out to anyone.


Some wireless resources:


Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation Press Advisory

Click to access pressadvisoryemf.pdf

American Academy of Environmental Medicine Recommendations Regarding
Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Exposure (smart meters)

Click to access AAEMEMFmedicalconditions.pdf

American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)
Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health
(check their website for more)

C4ST Response to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 Myth Buster

Electrohypersensitivity Is Real by Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada

Austrian Guidelines for diagnosing and treating EHS

Environmental Health Clinic Toronto Women’s College Hospital

Low Level Radiation link to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Swedish review strengthens grounds for concluding that radiation from cellular and cordless phones is a probable human carcinogen

Ontario MP on cell towers

State of Maine legislative bill

VIDEO: Mold Toxins Skyrocket with EMR Exposure

BioInitiative Report Conclusions



“Taken together, we state here that nowadays there is enough convincing data to appropriately assert that the long-term exposure to low intensity electromagnetic microwaves can indeed promote cancer development. To that, the official recommendations by ICNIRP and safety limits set by many national regulatory bodies for technical devices emitting microwave radiation, first of all for mobile communication systems, must be re-assessed according to the recent alarming data; and additional studies for unprejudiced risk assessment must be carried out. At present, we strongly suggest for a wide implementation of precautionary principle for everyday microwave exposure that implies maximum restriction of excessive exposure.”

Stay safe!

Protect yourself!

Tips for healthy people:

ways_to_reduce_wireless_exposure 2



4 responses to ““Smart” Meter Trouble In Paradise

  1. Thanks for all the info and your concern. I hope you get that washer soon. :D

    • Thanks Colleen…
      It’ll take more than a few miracles for that to happen.
      There’s a lot of “negative” energy around here…

  2. All we need is ‘negative energy’ on top of it all! :(
    Hope you manage to ‘ward off’ all that negative energy and find some kind and loving folk to support you and keep your hope and spirit alive :)
    Your in my prayers and I have nothing but praise for you, hang in there!

    “It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    “Never, no never, did Nature say one thing and Wisdom say another.” Edmund Burke

    “The consideration of man’s body has not changed to meet the new condition of this artificial environment that has replaced his natural one. The result of this… perpetual discord is a general deterioration of man’s body, the symptoms of which are termed disease.” Professor Hilton Hotema

    “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” Mother Teresa de Calcutta

    Lots of Luv and a BIG Reiki Hug for you Linda! :)

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