Women: What’s in Your Box?

Check out the blog post by Pretty Smart:

Houston, we have a problem. Period : 3 Major Problems with the Menstrual Product Industry (and What You Can Do About It!)

“As most menstruating people will tell you, we have more than enough to deal with during our periods…”red splatter 2

Then get more details about what’s in tampons from Women’s Voices for the Earth


Some of this isn’t news (or shouldn’t be). Back in 1992, Liz Armstrong co-wrote “Whitewash: Exposing the Health and Environmental Dangers of Women’s Sanitary Products and Disposable Diapers : What You Can Do About It”. Here’s an interview with Liz that includes other resources you may be interested in exploring from the book “Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic”.

If you prefer your info in a more entertaining format, then you can watch the musical spoof video “Detox the Box”:

Please take action. Let manufacturers and stores know you are sick of all the toxic chemicals and that you will only buy safe, non-toxic products that have full disclosure from them.

Safer options are already available to use during that special time of month. Our choices make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

9 responses to “Women: What’s in Your Box?

  1. This will NOT surprise you, but I now have to order pads online because I can’t find unscented versions of one of the brands I use in the drugstore anymore. Oh, and they don’t bother to label it “scented.” The packaging looks the same as the unscented. Except you get it home and voila, nasty floral scent. The only place they sell unscented is Amazon.

    • I’m glad you were able to find some that way!
      I was still able to shop stores (if I wore my mask) when the scented ones were first being introduced, and they totally cross-contaminated the other ones. I kept having to change stores as they brought in more toxic fragranced products.
      My almost fragrance free health food store carried the Natracare ones (which didn’t burn my skin like other brands did), but eventually I had to buy them from a co-op by the case. I’ve been tempted to give away the ones I haven’t used, but think I should keep them just in case I might end up needing them for incontinence (TMI maybe, but this body is falling apart here), because I probably won’t be able to find any safe and fragrance free incontinence pads anytime soon…

      • Natracare is my other brand (I mix two brands because the Natracare alone doesn’t cut it.) They should carry light, regular, super, overnight, and Endometriosis Patient (they never have that last size for some reason). OK, that was my TMI. The Natracare sometimes have a scent. I think they pick it up because they are across from the soaps in the drugstore. Not sure. Love the video!

        • I agree about the need for a safe super sized option. I used to have to stay home from school and work on some days because my flow was too much for any of the regular options to handle.

  2. Oh man! Fragrance in incontinence pads? Great — synthetic floral poo smell. They should just keep fragrance away from those areas of the body. Well, all areas of the body, but thise especially.

  3. Fortunately I am now done with that issue. But long before I became disabled with MCS — I was having nasty reactions to buying the name brand feminine care products. I switched to organic products — unfortunately more expensive but the agony the other products brought about was worth any price to avoid.

    • Glad you no longer have to deal with this either!

      It never ceases to amaze me how many toxic chemicals manufacturers think it’s ok to subject us to.

      And yes, it’s worth paying more for safe products, not just for our immediate and long term well-being, but for our air and water which circulate around the planet too.

  4. I use Seventh Generation and Natracare. I’m not going to say either one is completely tolerable, which is part of why I use only pads and not tampons (less direct exposure); however, they seem to be better than anything else I can find on the market. I think the adhesive is still bothering me, but mostly just when I open it and inhale a little.

    • I used Natracare pads too, and while they weren’t perfect (especially while inhaling), they were the only product I could use at all! So glad that part of my life is behind me now!

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