The Fragrance-Free Soapy Water-Bucket Challenge!

I challenge everyone who uses any products that have fragrance or parfum listed as an ingredient  to pour a bucket of fragrance free, non-toxic soapy water over your head, to draw attention to the fact that fragrance chemicals and ingredients in everyday personal care, laundry products, and cleaning products are making people sick and disabling them, and that fragrance-free, non-toxic products are healthier for everyone.

This looks like a it was bucket full of fragrance-free soapy water!

This looks like a it was bucket full of fragrance-free soapy water!

Please donate to these two organizations that are helping people who have been injured by fragrance (and other chemicals) find medically required, safe, non-toxic housing:




Thank you for participating!

P.S. You can use WARM WATER!

11 responses to “The Fragrance-Free Soapy Water-Bucket Challenge!

    • Somehow, I haven’t seen any evidence of this challenge taking off anywhere… People don’t like non-toxic and fragrance-free warm soapy water???

      (btw… I just found this comment in the spam queue… weird…)

  1. I just tweeted it–my FB friend list wouldn’t get it. Love it.

  2. Feel free to share the links of your favorite MCS/ES/EHS organizations here and encourage your friends to donate to them if they are closer to your heart.
    There are so few organizations aiding people with MCS/ES now, and they could all use contributions of time, energy, and money!

  3. I wouldn’t do the other challenge because the research for the cure involves animal testing which I am not comfortable with. This one I can get behind. I wonder how many people will get behind it though..Unfortunately. .

    • Some of us would LOVE it if everyone took the fragrance-free detox challenge, and everyone’s health would improve! Clean has no smell :-)

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