Fragrance Emitting Devices

What happens when you walk through a place that has fragrance chemicals in the air?

fragrance chemicals in the airThe chemicals attach to hair, skin, and clothing just like smoke does!

2nd hand smoke and fragrance

Some people can pass out after being forced to breathe fragrance chemicals.

fragranced out 2

How would you like to have to hold your pee and/or rush home, shower and change clothes after being anywhere fragrance chemicals are used or sold?

fragrance chemical spray devices 1Many places have installed chemical emitting devices to cover up poor air quality instead of providing adequate ventilation and hiring more people to keep their premises clean.

Some people are affected immediately after being exposed to fragrance chemicals, while others don’t feel the effects for years, or pass the epigenetic changes down to their children and grand-children.

Fragrances can be made using chemicals that are known neurotoxins, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors, among other things.

FragrancechemcialEmittingDevice above urinalDr John Molot recently wrote on his blog:

“No one asked me if I wanted to get deodorizer sprayed in my face while I was standing at this urinal.”

Why don’t we have the right to clean air?

This will work just as well as the non-smoking sections did.

This works just as well as the non-smoking sections did.

Examples of things and devices that emit fragrance chemicals:

fragrance emitting products 1a

Learn More:

Toxic Chemicals in Air “Fresheners” and Health Effects

Dr. John Molot – Chemical Scents: They’re Everywhere!

Women’s Voices for the Earth Report on “Secret Scents”Secret Scents

Fragrance in the workplace: what managers need to know by C De Vader (PDF)


If you are one of the growing numbers of people who suffer adverse health effects from fragrance chemicals, why not let the places you frequent (or would frequent if they were fragrance-free) know. You might find them willing to make changes:

WEM scent free washroom 1

While fragrance chemicals aren’t the only source of indoor and outdoor air pollution, they are one of the easiest ones to address and eliminate.

Sick Kids Hospital Fragrance-free Policy

Breathing is not optional.

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you. It’s good for me.

11 responses to “Fragrance Emitting Devices

  1. My regular massage therapist had to cancel. My arms and neck are flared up, so I decided to go to a spa. I never, ever do this. Anyway, the place was so saturated with fragrance that I had to leave. When I got home I had two hives on my face

    • Oh dear :-( I hope you feel better soon!

      The 1st time I had hives was because a massage therapist had added some (non-organic) essential oil to the massage oil, despite me asking for fragrance-free (she was a potential room-mate too). I spent my hour in her bathtub trying to wash it off and soothe the welts. But that was a 1st hand contact exposure.

      I often get serious burning skin from 3rd hand fragrance chemicals on things that are delivered. I have to try to remember to cover my hands when touching the things, until I can wash the residues off, outside (they’d make me too sick inside). It’s really hard to get the residues off my hands too, once they are there. The phthalates and other chemicals that increase absorbtion and make the fragrances last longer are nearly impossible to remove.

      And breathing them, well, kiss a temporary (hours to weeks) bye bye to brain and central nervous system functions…

      IFRA’s list of over 3000 fragrance ingredients that were voluntarily disclosed as being used by members isn’t very helpful when companies point to it. There are some very nasty chemicals on that list. Specific ingredients need to be listed, and people need to be informed about the known and suspected health effects of the ones that have been tested (most of them haven’t even been tested… no testing = no evidence of harm)

  2. It would be an interesting experience if all those dots pictured actually had a color for each toxic chemical and showed up in the air around us so we could see what we are walking into before our throats close off and we break out in hives…

    • That would be AWESOME!

      I have often wanted each public building to have an air quality display at the front door referencing the amount of chemical pollutants in the air, so we can decide if we want to enter or not!

      If I had better photo program tools and brains, I would have added some of the chemical names, and if I was really clever, I could make the dots into a connect the dots game…

      So much potential to play with… but will any of it get the message across that we are breathing in and absorbing petrochemical pollutants?

  3. Our local hospital has air freshener pumps on the wall of bathrooms in common areas such as waiting rooms & ER bathrooms. although not in patient rooms. Another major Cancer Center (Duke Cancer Center) also had these pumps on the bathroom walls! Since one of my conditions of MCS is bladder frequency, leaving the house for any length of time is a challenge. I used to know a few safe places, but now they are contaminated with air pumps. Why isn’t anyone in Congress working on preventing these poisons accosting us?

    • because the fragrance industry is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying against regulations.

    • I don’t get it either. They banned smoking and now allow worse chemicals to be pumped in almost every indoor space. Pet stores use them now, if we are bothered by them I can’t imagine what happens when a dog breathes them in. Everything is scented now, grocery bags, garbage can bags, toilet paper rolls. Who care about those of us who sensitive to those products and to others who find the scent itself offensive. They are suffocating us everywhere with these products everywhere. Cant even go for a walk outside and smell nothing because there is always a dryer vent emitting it somewhere. We need lawmakers to make a bill that gives us our scent free air back. We can’t even stay in hotels because of our sensitivities.

  4. Well that’s a given about the fragrance lobby, but someone must take a stand! Where are the hearings on this? It was Congress that got us in this mess back in the 50’s by passing non-disclosure laws to protect “proprietary fragrance” formulas! Back in those days (I personally remember) the rule of good grooming was to just use enough perfume so that no one can smell it unless they are kissing you! Now that made sense! It’s so out of hand now!

    The plethora of fragrance chemicals in quantity and strength has become unavoidable unless one is a mountain hermit! Chemicals accosting us at all times in the outside world with no relief! We (my hubby is MCS too) can’t even walk on the beach near our home safely.

    We get a whiff of someone’s overpowering fragranced laundry chemicals from more 75′ -100 feet away and get an instant migraine reaction. How can they let anything be that strong be used by humans!! It’s just wrong.

    And instead if getting better, it’s just getting worse as more & more mega marketing convinces people they must have fragrances emitting scents everywhere, on their person, home, car, bathroom, furniture.

    Glade is now pushing tiny febreze dispensers in car vents. People who are saturated with laundry chemicals, fabric softeners, perfumes & febreze chemicals come in to offices, classrooms, churches, the park, and sicken anyone around them who is sensitive. The chemicals leave a toxic bath behind wherever they pass, so that phantom scents & chemicals never leave some places. Like churches with carpeting that absorbs the volatile compounds.

    On top of that the chemicals are so strong that they permeate the non-users and allergic persons clothing & hair, just by being in the same space with the fragrance for brief moments. So when the already sickened allergic person comes home they must immediately undress put their clothes outside to air and shower.

    This stinks! Yes, pun intended! One day this will be considered criminal like breathing tobacco smoke, but a lot of people will have to die or be almost bedridden first. It’s so sad.

    • It is really heartbreakingly sad that those in the fragrance industry (among others) have seen fit to subject the population to so many harmful chemicals everywhere just for a few extra dollars of profit. And that the regulators don’t see fit to protect people from harm.

      We need to vote differently, it seems. To learn more about cause and effect and not believe the commercials so much. And to kindly care about each other more than we care about impressing others.

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