A (Virtual) Gift Bag for You

I recently received a virtual gift from a friend and wanted to make my own version to share with you, because I know how difficult life can get, especially when we are isolated and facing challenges most people cannot relate with.

Here then is the gift bag I created for you!


Even though I am totally housebound, with no family at home, with little to no ability to visit with them or friends, either here or anywhere, due to my severe MCS/ES, I found this article from Toni Bernhard to have some lovely, helpful coping ideas. I’m sharing it with you  in case you find yourself alone, or having to bow out of gatherings, if you find yourself in need of more tools to try out, whether or not it’s the holiday season:

How to Ease the Pain of Isolation During the Holidays
Three simple practices can help you feel less alone during the holidays.

Published on November 21, 2011 in Turning Straw Into Gold

And here’s my current  wish for everyone:

May everyone have a safe and healthy environment!

May all beings have a safe and healthy environment  ♥

11 responses to “A (Virtual) Gift Bag for You

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  2. That’s lovely, thanks!!!V

  3. Wonderful thoughts and gifts. <3

  4. Love comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes.
    May you all have love in your hearts and lives <3

  5. This post is so sweet. I love it!
    May everyone have a safe and healthy environment for the holidays and everyday thereafter.

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