MCS/ES Accommodation Resources

When people develop MCS/ES, it can be extremely challenging maintaining access to jobs, housing, or other services due to the prevalence of indoor air pollution and pollutants, fragrance chemicals being a huge factor. When MCS/ES becomes disabling, it becomes a human rights issue requiring accommodation under the law in many places around the world.

Here then are some accessibility tools:

In the presentation from ADA Audio Conferencing – A program of the ADA National Network

One important point made was this:

MCS ES fragrance free policy

For people with EHS, a wireless-free policy is required, as well as other accommodations mentioned in the presentation.

Here are a few of the slides from Accommodating Persons with Environmental Sensitivities: Challenges and Solutions (which is available to download from the link below):

perfume pollutes button

MCS ES TILT exposure effects

MCS ES assistive technology

MCS ES accommodations

Full audio and presentation materials are here

Accommodating Persons with Environmental Sensitivities:
Challenges and Solutions
December 16, 2014

Darrell  Lynn  Jones, Project Director
Mary  Lamielle, Executive Director

I’ve copied this from the site as the links have changed a few times:



Other MCS/ES accommodation resources:

The CDC has an Indoor Environmental Policy that prohibits fragrance use (among other things) in order to improve the air quality for all employees.

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has other resources here:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission Policy and Papers are here

Ontario Human Rights Commission resources are here

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act info is here

Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (human rights and housing)

The first Guides to Accommodating the Needs of People with Environmental Sensitivities in Canada

Imagine living with MCS ES 2

The great news is that healthy indoor environments actually benefit everyone.


12 responses to “MCS/ES Accommodation Resources

  1. Oh, Linda, this is wonderful to see. It can be totally overwhelming, at times. I must say: Better people be concerned about accommodating us rather than not giving a stuff!

  2. Here’s an old classic to add to the list:
    From the Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU)
    “Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living”
    by Pamela Reed Gibson, Ph.D. James Madison University

  3. I am grateful to your information. I have severe MCS and want to find a vacation spot in North America or the carribean.
    Many Thanks.

    • I was just thinking we needed non-toxic, wireless free vacation spas, both for those of us with MCS/ES, and also for people who wish to try a chemical and radiation elimination diet to see how much their health improves…

      These would most likely have to be separate resorts, so that those of us with severe MCS/ES aren’t affected by those who are newly detoxing their lives.

      Non-toxic and wireless free travel options are also needed.

      I think there are some great business opportunities…

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  5. Say Linda, is there a way to access some of your handouts for people to accomodate both chemical and emf..I clicked most of your pdf, got error messages. I would gladly pay. Also if you had for hospitals, dr’s offices etc.

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  7. Frieda Gelber

    Currently when trying to purchase a computer monitor I noticed that it stated it had arsenic free glass and mercury free LED screen, flicker free screen, backlit to reduce blue light. Does this mean that earlier models included these hazards? What are the hazards of the cpu? Do laptop computers and all in one computers have hazards to become aware of? I cough at my desktop and it developed into an allergic asthma. I have all sorts of sensitivities.

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