Are Healthy Hospitals Possible?

That may seem like a dumb question to people who haven’t been in a hospital, but to the rest of us, including those of us who can’t even go into a hospital in life or death situations, it’s a serious one.

hospitals make us sick


Check out this TEDMED video where Robin Guenther* discusses connections between health and environmental design, and what she and others are doing to make things  different:

Why hospitals are making us sick


* Robin Guenther “works at the intersection of healthcare architecture and sustainability policy”. She is Principal at Perkins+Will, Senior Advisor to Health Care Without Harm, co-coordinator of the Green Guide for Health Care, and co-author of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture.

More about Robin Guenther here.

More on healthcare:

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7 responses to “Are Healthy Hospitals Possible?

  1. It’s amazing that some of the most unhealthy places on the planet are hospitals. I’m glad to see that at least a few are adopting sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. I would have liked to have seen her also address the “fragrance” issue along with the toxic cleaning product issue.

  2. Is there a list of hospitals that are safe for us in Ontario?
    I need surgery… I have not said yes yet as I am afraid not just of drug reactions ect… but the hosp.

    I found this on the Australian site

    bit of info there it seems not up to digesting it today. but I will be back

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