What We All Need Now: Personal Exposure Detection Devices!


MyExposome has designed silicone wristbands (such as the ones worn in support of various causes) that are specially prepared to act as a sponge to absorb hundreds of different chemicals in our environment—the air, water, and even personal care products.


The possibilities!

With all the toxic VOCs in everyday products,  the carcinogenic activity of the chemical cocktails we are exposed to on a daily basis, this is a great idea that can show people just how prevalent toxic chemicals have become, and how difficult it is to avoid them.

It would be really interesting to have a group of people with MCS/ES participate in some exposure measuring research, as those of us who have to practice extreme chemical avoidance for our health and well-being have some experiences that researchers will eventually find quite interesting.

Now, they would be able to see how difficult it is to avoid  these chemicals, even when making great efforts due to necessity (of course, different levels of MCS/ES dictate different levels of avoidance requirements and efforts too).

I don’t know if we’d tolerate the material of the wristband, or the solvent used to make them absorbent, but if we did, the results could be fascinating!

For the bracelets, a funder would be needed (at $995 a pop, most people with MCS would find the cost prohibitive)… and the material may be problematic, but perhaps it is a possibility for some people who don’t have severe MCS/ES?

They are running a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the project. If any of you have healthy incomes or bank balances, this seems like a great project to support, one that could lead to changes in public health policies that would benefit us all!

Know your personal chemical exposure!

Making the invisible visible—that’s the goal of MyExposome. We all live in a world filled with chemicals. Some good for us, some perhaps irrelevant, and some for sure are not good for us at all! But until today, you couldn’t measure your personal exposure to those chemicals. This Kickstarter campaign will empower you—by bringing you state of the art science—to understand your unique environment. We will provide you with a patent-pending light-weight non-intrusive wristband that mimics your exposure to chemicals. We will then analyze your wristband to determine the chemicals you were exposed to in your environment. …


(Please go check it out! There’s also a list of all the chemicals they are testing for!)


“MyExposome CEO Marc Epstein says that after wearing the bracelet for a week and getting his test results, he is changing the way he looks at his personal care products and home cleaning supplies – two big sources of chemical exposures in our daily lives.

“The specific change is that I’ve started trying to buy fragrance-free products,” Epstein said. “Why? Because I now understand that many of those lovely smells in shampoos / soaps / colognes / etc… are not essential-oils but rather they are man-made chemicals….”


38 responses to “What We All Need Now: Personal Exposure Detection Devices!

  1. I’ve been praying for something like this. It would definitely be great if someone could organize a research study. It would be interesting to wear two — one only at work and one outside of work to see which is the more toxic environment.

    • They did do a study with some people somewhere using these, it’s probably on their website.
      I’m having too much brain fog now (outdoor summer road work, smog, and cide blend) to remember any of the details right now or to comment intelligently.

      By outside, do you mean outside or at home? Or both?

      • It would be interesting to do a week just at work, a week just at home, a week everywhere but those two places and then a week worn all of the time. The comparisons would be interesting indeed. Expensive at the current cost but interesting none-the-less.

        • And then to compare those results with different people who have MCS/ES and live different levels of avoidance…
          alone at home, alone but able to go out shopping, living with others, with others who work, etc etc etc…
          The possibilities!!!

          • That would be amazing for sure. I wonder if people who work in the “fragrance” and chemical industries would think twice after wearing one to work?

            • I don’t think most of them understand the risks

            • No but some people would expose themselves anyway like millions do with smoking.

            • They are addicted. The fragrance industry does research on how to target the amygdala section of our brains, to affect how we make decisions…

            • Anything to make a buck….

            • It’s amazing how things have become more toxic. It’s not that I’ve become more sensitive, I’m becoming able to tolerate more exposures with less severe effects, but things that used to be benign no longer are… It’s as if the quest for cheap manufacture and bigger profits has taken the desire and incentive out of producing quality products and materials that aren’t toxic to the end user (or workers, who if they are lucky, have some health and safety protections in place on the job).
              How many appliances write into their user manual or sheet that it shouldn’t be used in an occupied space or with food when new? Some do say that it’s normal for them to “smell” when new… Why? Why aren’t things sent out safe to use?
              I don’t remember where I wrote it, but I spoke with someone who works in a kitchen goods store, and she said that when shipments come in, and they unwrap them, all the store staff have headaches and feel sick.
              I’ve posted about that happening to clothing store employees too…

            • You know it’s bad when they warn you but even worse when they don’t. I buy for my cat, litter made from recycled newspaper. When I first started using it there was no scent. Then a little and now when I open the bag — it’s like opening a perfume bottle and no where does it say that a fragrance has been applied.

            • Second and third hand fragrance contamination is rampant. Kitty litter (and many other fragrance-free or unscented products) are usually made using the same equipment as the fragranced stuff is made with.

              As we all know, fragrance chemicals can be extremely difficult to remove, so whatever else gets put through the same equipment also comes out fragranced, except perhaps for at the end of the run, just before they do another fragranced run. If we are lucky enough to get a product that was at the end of the run, then it might be tolerable. But then, in all likelihood, it will be packaged in materials that are also contaminated or become contaminated…

              We really need certified fragrance=free supply chains, just like they have certified nut and gluten free facilities… altho those can become fragrance contaminated too, passing through the supply chain.

              We also need an organic certification standard for plastic-free. Too many organic foods are processed using plastic, (think phthalates, BPA, and who knows what else). Some of us need to avoid those chemicals too…

            • Well said. I thought about that my organic tea the other day. How organic is it when it is individually wrapped in a plastic?

            • Depends on the plastic. Some cellophane is more inert. But it really shouldn’t be in plastic at all…

              I just bought some organic hemp powder and the plastic bag reeks of fragrance. It’s a different type of material than I am used to, but I am not in a hurry to open the package and try the product as the chemicals may have gone through like they do with many other plastics.

              I’m also thinking plastic tubes and buckets in food production especially, like maple syrup, tomato sauce, etc… where the food sits in plastic for extended periods of time, and passes through so-called “food-grade” PVC when hot, picking up phthalates, BPA, and who knows what else… The plastic containers they are sold in aren’t great either, some really reek of chemicals, and that’s before 2nd and 3rd hand fragrance residues get into them…

              I am probably repeating myself again, and endlessly…

            • I know there are those who strive to use no plastic what so ever. It is a tough go when one looks at everything that comes in plastic or is lined with plastic.

            • It’s about as easy to avoid plastic as it is to avoid fragrance… funny thing (or not), they share a lot of the same chemical content…

            • Many people worry what to do when we run out of oil/petroleum to run our cars and factories — they don’t realize how many everyday products are also made out this.

            • It is mind numbing how many different types of things petrochemicals are in. Thanks for sharing the link.

            • Yea, and I’m really sick and tired from being poisoned and polluted for profit…

            • It is sad what people will do for money and ignore what others have to pay for their profit.

            • Selfishness… the manifestation of extreme “me” generation manipulated by media… People who are so self occupied will not notice or act unless something is immediately connected with their own self interest…

              Reminded me of this:

              First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Socialist.

              Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

              Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
              Because I was not a Jew.

              Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

              First they came for the Communists,
              and I didn’t speak up,
              because I wasn’t a Communist.
              Then they came for the Jews,
              and I didn’t speak up,
              because I wasn’t a Jew.
              Then they came for the Catholics,
              and I didn’t speak up,
              because I was a Protestant.
              Then they came for me,
              and by that time there was no one
              left to speak up for me.

              ~ Martin Niemoller
              A Pastor and former junior officer in the Germany Navy
              Niemöller created multiple versions of the text (wiki)

            • Truly inspiring and thought provoking.

            • You inspired me to turn that into “When They Poisoned the Pests, I Didn’t Care”

          • That would be very interesting and if it’s really as efficient as it claims it could prove a very important tool for most MCS/EI sufferers, especially those who have lost their protective sense of ‘smell’.
            Sensitivities or ‘loss of tolerance’ increases with exposures.
            The better our Environmental Control (EC) or ‘low exposure’ the better our ‘tolerance’ as the body has time in a ‘clean environment’ to detox or rid itself of harmfull persistant toxins.
            The body burden and our ability to eliminate these toxins varies depending on our environment (exposures) so do our levels of tolerance accordingly.
            TILT or Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance occurs when our body burden is at the high end limit, causing MCS/EI, and severe to disabling MCS/EI happens when the limits are ‘off the charts’ and the body can no longer ‘detox’ efficiently so the body burden keeps increasing and overflowing causing severe MCS/EI symptoms etc…
            The more severe the ‘body burden’ = the more severe the TILT = the more severe the sensitivities
            Detoxifying & ‘exposure avoidance’ (Environmental Control) lessen body burden = less TILTing = less sensitivities ♡♡♡

            That’s what it comes down to and explains why we begin to ‘react’ to things we previously could tolerate and vice-versa or can better tolerate things we previously had severe reactions to. Fluctuation of body burden and exposure avoidance (EC) = fluctuations in tolerance and sensitivities.

            Would be great if they could make these bracelets turn different colors to advert us of the different levels of toxicity or contamination. That would be very usefull, to know ‘where we are being exposed to the greatest toxic threats’ would aid so much more in ‘avoidance’ as well as recognition ♡

            Summer VOC blues got me down and hiding away in my bubble (EC).
            Too much ‘toxic tresspassing’ , inadvertant exposures and specially the increase in wireless and car exhaust, perfumes, laundry, BBQ’s, sun screens… the constant electrical humming and buzzing of the electrical tower and cabling has my EH reacting… can’t sleep, can’t breathe ‘fresh air’… summer sucks! : (

            Big Reiki hugs ♡♡♡

  2. PLEASE BEWARE of the silicone bracelets if you have had any dealings with silicone or saline implants. I know from 23 years of being sick that our bodies become highly toxic to the product SILICONE. My partner and I spent time at Methodist Hospital in Houston. They had an entire floor for patients sick with silicone and saline implants. Just makes me so sad to think about those of you who might try this product and become sicker than you probably already are. Best of luck to all of you.

    • Thank you for mentioning this.
      I would NEVER recommend implants (especially for cosmetic alterations).

      As bracelets, used for a week, I don’t think they’d present a bigger problem for most people than what they already do and use, and as was mentioned, many causes make similar bracelets that are only for “awareness” and fundraising.

      Those of us with “sensitivities” have a very hard time finding any synthetic materials that are tolerable.

      I am probably not going to be able to get any “false” teeth aka dentures because of the materials problem, but I CAN use a silicone lid remover cup/device to get some lids off jars that I otherwise can’t get off.

      All that said… it would be better to have completely inert materials – I’m thinking of some kind of necklace, but can’t think of a tolerable way for all to hang it around the neck… sighs…

  3. I was replying to this because I know there are many people sick from implants. I could careless about cosmetic reasons or why they had the implants. It’s just sad that so many, young and old people think silicone implants are safe–we have our lovely FDA and greedy doctors to thank for the toxic bombs they put it women’s bodies. A lot of people can’t even touch silicone products without a reaction and yet they don’t know what has caused it. Just a reminder to those who aren’t aware of breast implants.

    I can’t even touch the cooking and baking products that are made with silicone without a seizure. Hope it might jar someone’s thinking if they have this problem.

    I understand about the dental, I can’t figure out what to do because everything is so toxic. Thanks for your article and wish we could all find a way to live a little easier!!!!

    • I am really glad you commented <3

      I really hope that all the research and awareness (I am beginning to hate that word) about how many harmful chemicals and materials we are subjected to on a daily basis now will provoke people to get pissed off enough to demand change from the regulators and the manufacturers!

  4. The thing is sent in a teflon bag so it does not get chemicals on it when in the mail. Teflon makes me break out. I wonder if it still does. I have not had it in my home for over 20 yrs.
    I sent them an email asking them to remove the naked woman and replace it with a naked man, lol. It really does make to mad. Why do they think a naked person will help sell it?
    I also asked if they would test common personal products and list whats in them and whick chemicals are harmfull.
    The fires in Canada are effecting me here in The twin cities. My electric bill will be high from the air cooler thingee. Lol
    My mind is not working either.
    Hope ypu feel better soon…

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