Who Wants to Help Me Get New Air Purifier Filters?

I need several air purifiers to clean the air of pollutants from unavoidable everyday products and materials (like the mail, receipts, product labels, food packaging, replacement of any basic essentials, etc) and also the neighbourhood pollution (trains, planes, laundry products, pesticides, BBQs, fireplace smoke, etc) from my indoor air so that my brain and body can work more like they were intended to.

To cook, clean, and take care of my very basic needs, (nothing extra going on here, I am housebound) I am dependent on clean air to be able to function. My filters need to be changed annually or every other year (depending on what the air quality has been like) and mine were last changed in 2012, three years ago.

I have looked all over the place for funding to purchase new filters and there just isn’t anyone out there with a mandate to provide clean air to those who require it for medical reasons.

! ! !

IAQ help

Last summer was a disaster for me, this year was even worse. I’ve had a horrid three  months from area roadwork and pesticide use (there was massive spraying of Wild Parsnip around this part of Ontario during the summer, and the pesticide drift got to me really bad), and now other simpler exposures that hadn’t been bothering me as much as they used to, are again having more serious adverse effects on me because my indoor air is not being filtered anymore.

I receive provincial disability benefits which are well below the poverty level in Ontario. ODSP used to cover air purifiers and filter changes but they’ve stopped doing so, and there are no other funds available for any disability related assistive devices that people with MCS/ES need for easier independent survival. Even the MPPs office was unable to find any sources of funding.

Since medically required clean air for the disabled is not in anyone’s official mandate to provide for these days (when one is unable to do so themselves), having exhausted all other possibilities, I am rather reluctantly turning to you for your help. I’ve had so many people in my life who did not enjoy giving money to anyone for any reason, that I’ve  learned to not enjoy asking, but my brain enjoys polluted air even less, and suffering this much in silence is not something I enjoy or am good at either, especially when there are so many others suffering in the same ways.

altered brains 1

When my brain works better, I enjoy sharing essential educational resources with the people who need them, and I can’t do that when my brain hurts so much and doesn’t function right.

Please help me get new filters for my life supporting air purifying machines!

Paypal has just started a new thing, now you can send personal funds via this link (instead of via the email address):


Here are the filters I need, from a place that I have ordered from before:


AirPura R600replacement filters:

I couldn’t get screen shots with prices, it was too complicated somehow, but these are the parts I need.

IAQ AirPura R600(I sometimes get the V600 or C600 filters instead, but this time think the R600 is best)



AllerAir – This machine is an old 1999 4000 model.  The 3″ carbon would fit. I prefer a refillable one, in case I have the energy again to fill it with bulk bought carbon myself someday (if the machine lasts that long) but I think they have to be custom ordered. I am not a fan of throwing things into the garbage if there are re-usable options available.

I hope the Regular Adsorbent carbon is coconut.

I also need the Poly donut set 4000-8000 (used to be free) but it’s not listed anywhere.

Pre Filters. Pack of 4.
Fits: AllerAir 4000 Series – All Models.

Micro HEPA Filter.
Fits: AllerAir 4000 D, AllerAir 4000 DX.

Carbon Filter with Regular Adsorbent. 3″ Deep

Here’s an idea of how much they cost on September 1, 2015.

IAQ AllerAir 3



My little Roomaid machine is also long overdue for replacement filters, but this one is the least important one. I’ve been able to hack something temporary together for it. The other 2 machines are crucial.

Amaircare Roomaid HEPA Filter White Amaircare 90011117

Amaircare Roomaid Annual Filter Kit Amaircare 94011041

Roomaid 2015 09 01

Thank you if you’ve read this far!

Please don’t even think of contributing if you also live with an income below the poverty line (as I know many of you do and would still want to contribute something). If you could share this post or even send your thoughts and prayers that all beings have clean air to breathe, that would be more than sufficient and very welcome!

To those of you do have sufficient financial resources to have spare funds waiting for a good deed, then please consider sharing some of it here. I would be forever grateful and promise to pay it forward when I am able.


Thank you

If I can request something else, it would be for U.S. residents to donate in U.S. dollars instead of in Canadian dollars, as then I can afford to buy some things I need from the U.S., otherwise the charges to reconvert, on top of the 30ish % exchange rate difference, duty, and postage puts some of my essential needs too far out of my reach now. I would be able to reallocate some of my regular living funds towards the filters in CDN $s and use the U.S. $s for the other essentials. Many organic and/or non-toxic or less toxic items aren’t available in Canada, or are imported, and my daily expenses have skyrocketed with the dollar differences now, while my income has remained the same.


For more info on air purifiers, see this past post.

I have also been pondering my washer, dryer, and blender issues, and have wondered if more air purifiers would allow me to survive the VOCs from new machines? I know source elimination is best, then ventilation, but when neither are possible, could sufficient air filtration work?  That would require a serious capacity new AirPura for the laundry room, and a small machine (Foust maybe) for the kitchen to sit beside the blender.  Maybe I’d even need a box for the blender and purifier to go in to catch the VOCs before they spread? Also thinking ahead to when replacing this old computer becomes neccessary, as I will run into the same VOC issues. Without funding, I’d really need to win the lottery to be able to pay for clean air and safer survival essentials, but I haven’t been able to get out to buy lottery tickets in years!

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

IAQ help

42 responses to “Who Wants to Help Me Get New Air Purifier Filters?

  1. Hey Linda,
    You sound like you need a lot of help. Maybe you should add it all up and start a crowd funding account.
    I have posted for help for you but I really think you would have more luck with crowd funding. I am very tired and in pain so I will be back to read tomorrow.

    • Thanks Deborah,
      I really need someone sane and capable to help me sort out a plan to address all my basic needs that aren’t being met, and to coordinate the fundraising.
      I just can’t brain it myself. There are parts of my brain that don’t work right even during my rare best moments.
      This took me 3 months to figure out and be able to write out…
      With the brain fogs, I’m having enough trouble figuring out how to meet my basic dietary needs with what I can access and puree… with the other restrictions I have here…
      I know there are solutions, I just haven’t been able to figure them out…

  2. Linda, I’d be happy to help you construct a fundraiser for the air filtering equipment. Let me know and we can chat about it!

  3. All this time I thought you did not like air cleaners and now you have one huh , Murray Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 06:44:26 +0000 To: murrayrideout@hotmail.com

  4. I hope you get the funding you need. I have one filter in the bedroom which my parents bought for me – It’s criminal that disability pensions don’t give enough money to cover medical costs.

  5. I certainly understand the brain fog. It is one of the biggest problems with those with MCS getting help or fighting legal battles. Most give up because the paperwork is a mountain they can’t climb.
    There should be help like veterans have in some places to do the paperwork. I saw a support group on the news for veterans to help them gain access to what was available to them.
    Does ADP offer any services for you that you can’t access because of brain fog or just because you are so sick?
    I rely heavily on my husband and children.
    How do you get your food and other necessities?
    You have done so much for others that surely you deserve some kindness returned.
    I trying to think about how to help in a concrete way.

    • Hi Deborah,

      There are no organizations offering practical assistance to people with MCS/ES. IF we can fall into another category, then some people can get some help, IF they can survive the chemical assaults they are subjected to in order to receive them. I did receive a few home visits (outside) with a physiotherapist who showed me exercises to do the other year when my frozen shoulder was so bad I was in 12/10 pain 23/7 for almost a year, because the intake worker could hear the pain in my voice. She said I didn’t actually qualify for this help, but she made it happen anyway.

      I get some basic organic foods via 2 home delivery services, but they both have limited options. Store foods are all too fragrance contaminated and I can’t get to farms… Some other necessities are by mail order (postage fees add up) and occasionally I ask on a local community facebook group if anyone can pick up something from a local store. There are no support workers.

      I can’t even get a doctor, to diagnose or do anything about the new issues that keep piling up, as they won’t make house calls when I ask for fragrance free.
      So the dominoes keep falling… sometimes I can prop one up for a while, but they are too heavy most of the time.

      With new filters, I hope I’ll be able to think more clearly and try to chase down some accommodations, but with systemic discrimination, it’s hard…

  6. Oh, sweet lady, how much I wish I could just buy you one!!! (Struggling myself….) But I will share on Facebook. We are finding no more help on Crowdfunding than just spreading the word, BTW….

    • Thank you Christa. I really hope you are able to get all your needs met too!

      Fundraising of any kind is hard now, it’s perhaps one in a million who get famous and are able to raise what they need.

      I remember I used to think that if someone was well and able, they could do something like the animal shelters do, photos and circumstances of MCS/ES people, looking for adopters… People with Lyme, ME/CFS, and many other chronic, complex environmentally linked conditions also…

      It sometimes feels like we have been pushed into a canyon and no-one wants us to get out…
      Some of us can be determined, especially when it comes to warning people who haven’t fallen in yet… but are they listening?
      Some are, I hope more do before it’s too late…

  7. Deborah, How about if you start a crowd funding thingy for Linda? Or maybe you have a friends who can help with the computer aspects of that?

    Linda, are there any agencies in Canada that can help you with the day to day stuff? Here we have centers for Independent Living which help with the little things like thinking things through… stuff people think are easy.

    I don’t know anything about assistance in Canada.

    I love your posts.

    • Thank you Bre,

      The Center for Independent Living in Toronto told me to look online for help when I contacted them a few years ago!!!
      I haven’t looked to see if there’s one in Ottawa. I called a few other disability related organizations when I moved here, and some of them also called around, and all came back with nothing. “Good luck” is all they can say… I don’t have the energy to advocate for or train an advocate…

      Air filters could help. They used to. Clean air makes a big difference for me.

  8. Tilt has crowding funding in Canada. I can look into having it set up but you need to first have yours needs laid out for people to see and set a target and I believe they have target dates.
    I think this might be the hardest part for you.

    • Thanks… Yes, I need someone who can help me look at the issues and help me devise a plan on how to start working through them. I keep trying and there are so many obstacles when I have no energy, it’s just exhausting… too complicated to deal with with brain fog and no energy.

  9. Linda, just sent you a donation! :0)

  10. Linda, is there anyway that you could do an interview with the press? I know that must be an overwhelming thought but with press who was respectful of your condition?

    • Do you have anyone in mind? I haven’t been seeing any media interest in this kind of story, and it’s so complex (in my mind anyway) I don’t know how to keep it simple, which media usually wants.

      I can also talk a lot better than I can think… My stream of consciousness works so well when I talk (sometimes anyway) it sounds like I am almost normal, except my reality and circumstances are so different. No-one is ever around talking to me the days following these exposures… when I can’t focus…

      It’s dripping wet humid and hot here now…

      Let me know if you know a good interviewer <3

  11. Yes, I have someone in my mind. I will get back to you.

  12. Update:
    As of Friday night, I have received donations totaling about $200 towards the approximately $1000 needed to replace filters on all 3 machines.
    Thank you. I can’t wait to have cleaner air to breathe <3
    I'll keep you posted.

  13. I read the comment about the media. News is generally covered that will get the most people to read the article. I wondered if you’re local papers could link an article about chemical sensitivities to the start of school and the chemical issues on our kids and or Invisible Illness Awareness Week is coming up this month. If they aren’t willing to report on one person’s issue, they may if they know it involves many people.

    • My situation is on the extreme end, I don’t know how kids who can still go to school could be tied into a short article about how provincial disability support is not supporting the disability related needs of people with MCS/ES, how the medical system is not supporting any of our medical needs, etc…. but I am really brain fogged now too, so I can barely see in front of my own face.

      • You made the point that there is a scale to chemical sensitivities. When I was in school as a kid, I don’t remember ever hearing about kids with ADHD or rarely asthma — or migraines or kids who can’t stay awake in class? I’m not a doctor but I think it warrants looking into that these kids maybe on the same scale as you just at the other end. Is it a coincidence that there has been an increase in the use of toxic chemicals and an increase in so many medical issues with kids? If these kids are indeed suffering from MCS or whatever other term you like and they become sickened to the point you are at — what is the government going to do then? Who’s going to work to pay into the government system so all those people can receive even the pittance of disability — you are receiving now — let alone what you deserve as a human being to receive because the air you breathe has been poisoned?

  14. Hey Linda,
    I stopped by the blog early this morning but I too tired to write a post.
    I don’t like to talk about news items much before they happen. There are people who track these things and try to stop them before they get highlighted. Like the Chatelaine article that was written on my cca work and shut down 3 days before it went to print. They had spent a fortune on that article. I had even done the photo shoot so I have learned my lesson about the powers that be. Other major articles were stopped also and I believe some were stopped by jealousy from others who are supposed to be helping the cause.
    So bear with me; it won’t be quick. Try and take time to figure out all your needs and let’s get through spraying season.

    • Thanks Deborah.
      I totally understand.

      The last Star article on me when I was in housing crisis was radically altered and full of lies that they would not correct or accept letters to the ed on either, even though many of my friends tried. Truthful information was not published.

      Some very strange things were happening behind the scenes then, and I suspect still happening now, as some people haven’t return my calls or emails.
      Our truths are too inconvenient to industry and the politicians who want to keep the toxic economy growing, no matter what the costs… and maybe too scary to others…

      Most people just buy pharmaceuticals for the symptoms… Apparently something like fewer than 25% of people aren’t on any daily drugs now….sometimes people are on 10 different drugs. It’s very profitable for the pharmaceutical industry…

      We are profitable only to non-toxic, unsubsidized businesses… Can’t take drugs when they are all made from the same petroleum based synthetics, GMOs and other things that hurt us…

      I don’t expect any journalists are able to write much about the truth these days.

      Maybe it’s the heat… and all the sprays etc (there’s sewage sludge in the air here today), but I am having a hard time being positive about the lives future generations will be living. The 100th Monkey is being distracted by all the insanity on tv and in the media these days…

      I’m trying to feel spirit through all the heat, pain, and fog… It’s hard… but it’s pretty well all I have to work with…

      That said…

      “We’re always being told that looking on the bright side is good for us, but now we see that it’s a great way to brush off poverty, disease, and unemployment, to rationalize an order where all the rewards go to those on top. The people who are sick or jobless—why, they just aren’t thinking positively. They have no one to blame but themselves. Barbara Ehrenreich has put the menace of positive thinking under the microscope. Anyone who’s ever been told to brighten up needs to read this book.”
      ~Thomas Frank, author of The Wrecking Crew and What’s the Matter with Kansas?


  15. Hey Linda,
    I remember the Star article. I did not know that is was altered and they wouldn’t correct it. I have not had that problem. I had a line or two that could be taken different that I meant but mostly very accurate.
    I am sorry that you had issues and I would never lead you to someone who does that.
    I have done tv interviews, radio ,documentaries, newspapers, university pieces and small local pieces. I have helped debating teams and people writing their thesis on cca wood. I have worked with every level of gov’t and in many countries.
    I have been very fortunate with the press. I have often sent them to others to interview instead.
    I think what should be taken from this is there are good and bad people in every profession including politics. I have worked with many caring politicians. Some were on my email list for years.
    The other thing is I am a housewife with no degrees. It was my determination to not give up that brought my success. If I can do it anybody can. There is nothing special about me.
    My website was hacked in 2012 and I have been so sick from exposures that I have not been able to fix it.
    Now that my biggest legal issue has come to an agreement by consent. I hope that I will have more time to look after the website and do more on good days. I am very ill and in pain all of the time like many here I am sure.
    The court was very understanding of MCS and we had a locked unscented, chemical free washroom and a unscented judges and staff in a safe courtroom. We went to court a number of times on different motions. Times are changing. The court is certainly aware of MCS and people’s rights.
    I still have two related issues to attend to.
    I am a firm believer in positive thinking both from my faith and from experience. I did get really down for awhile and life didn’t go good and amazing things have happened when I stared down what seemed like reality and believed in victory.
    I am not trying tell you to think like me. We are all different.
    Again I am sorry for your experience with the Star. I am also sorry others stopped returning calls and emails. I have had some of that too when someone slandered me. You learn who you can trust when things get really bad.
    We can only live our truth and let go of those who walk away.
    hugs and healing.

    • Thanks Deborah.

      Usually I am much more optimistic, but the summer has been exceptionally hard on my brain and body, especially after having seen some real improvements. The crash is so much harder when the highs and lows have more distance between them.

      When I was always in the sludge, it was easier in some ways. I didn’t have the bandwidth to miss what I didn’t have, to see the holes in my clothes, to feel all the pain from infections, etc… everything went to sheer survival.

      There have been angels in my life, keeping me from completely going under, but the obstacles I have still require more than one person to solve… I don’t have family here, or friends, as I moved here for medically required housing, to an area I knew no-one, and being housebound and seriously “sensitive”, I can’t go out to meet people. I’ve joined some local online groups, but have to be really careful commenting, as my (social) reality is so different…

      Here’s scans of the highlights of what the last Star article got wrong:

      In some ways, it feels like I am beginning to experience deja vu, with everything going downhill and the very basics I need to stay afloat and to build on for progress are just out of reach again…

      I don’t know how to deal with this, on top of everything else. It’s all too confusing when the brain gets impaired from exposures.

      Clean air, clean clothes, clean bedding, safe food… Why are these so hard (impossible) to get?

  16. Don’t answer my last question… Help me compose a better question… one that will lead to positive changes…

  17. Thank you for posting that letter. I believe I only saw the first article. I don’t remember those comments and thankfully your friend corrected them.
    I understand their comments are way out of line and they don’t get it to the point of cruelty.
    I fully understand you found the best available to you and it wrong you had to leave family and friends behind.
    I also understand how hard it is to go from doing better to crashing. I used to get relief for migraines from Demerol. I used cry because I knew all the other pain was going to come back when it wore off and while it was working it was like my body was quiet. After awhile Demerol couldn’t take away the pain either.
    This summer my daughter managed to get me a court ordered reprieve from pesticides. I couldn’t believe how fast recovery started. I got out very late at night with my husband when everyone was most sleeping. I could hardly walk to the corner the first few days and after a month I was walking an hour and quickly. I started getting most of the feeling back in my legs and about half in my feet. Then the reprieve ended and some spraying began again. I look pregnant again, my legs are almost as numb again. Crashing is hard. I really do understand.
    Your situation is much worse than most though.
    You are an amazing advocate and a caring person. You deserve help.
    hugs and healing
    no need to reply

  18. I’m so peeved off that you must go through this. Please know that you are such an inspiration. You do so much to help others, and you share so much that you deserve this as much as anyone who has to live such a restricted life. I’m glad you cleared up The Stars inaccuracies. It’s not right when the media do that. Wishing you clean air and luck! 🐰 Miche xo

    • Thanks Miche <3
      A few kind and generous souls have contributed about $300 so far, and there's a cheque in the mail, I don't know how much it's for. Soon I'll be able to get filters for at least one of the 3 machines, that will start to help. I really hate feeling so drugged (etc) almost all the time because of what's in the air.

  19. As of this week, thanks to a few generous people, there’s a new cheque in the mail that will bring me to having enough ($500) to pay for the HEPA and carbon filters for the Air Pura machine (not the prefilters, I will have to shake the dust out of the old one and hope it’s enough – the machine is too heavy to have to take apart again later).

    I still need funding for the AllerAir filters and the little one too.

  20. So, to make a long story really short…

    My apologies to everyone to whom I have recommended Air Pura machines and filters to over the years, if you had any problems that weren’t resolved….
    They used to be great at answering questions, and their filters used to be exceptionally clean, but they no longer are, and they have been refusing to do the right thing (take the filters back, and test to see what the problem is, and refund my money).

    For the first time in my history with Air Pura filters, there were big problems.
    Especially the HEPA filter (but possibly the lining of the carbon canister as well – apparently there’s a new material they are using to keep the carbon in)

    They polluted my air with a stink like the plastic bags they are shipped in (which had absorbed into the HEPA or was now inherent in it, who knows, it could be a phthalate or other PVC chemical, or it could be something else) and after some hours of use over a few days, it gave me a bloody nose in addition to a fibro flare, and I am therefore unable to use them.

    And a dry, irritated, bloody nose is not an MCS or Fibro symptom.

    During the past month +, the vendor sometimes agreed with me that Air Pura should take them back (to test them) and exchange them, but sometimes seemed to agree with Air Pura thinking I had “wildly exaggerated expectations”

    It seems that expecting air purifying filters to clean the air without polluting it with some kind of chemical fume and some kind of nasal (and lung?) irritant, or making me sick, is now a wildly exaggerated expectation.

    Air Pura was not at all interested in taking back the defective filters, or exchanging them, or refunding the cost.

    They wanted to sell me a custom barrier frame to go with the 2″ carbon that is designed to work with the 2″ HEPA, but not return or exchange or refund the other filters which polluted my air instead of cleaning it.

    I have had to dispute the charge with my CC company.

    So, I am without proper air purification now (which is a concern, because I am also expecting a new computer, which will have some off-gassing issues that an air purifier would help with)

    The old machine upstairs also needs new filters (or bulk carbon) but I don’t have a good place to buy bulk virgin activated coco carbon from in Canada anymore.

    I know Foust sells it from the US, but the border is a problem. I may end up eventually ordering new machines from them as they have the best remaining reputation for really clean machines.

    But for now, I need to refill the old refillable canisters I have for at least some level of filtration…

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy bulk activated coconut carbon (virgin, not refurbished or whatever they call it) in Canada?

    I need 26 pounds for the one machine, and I think it’s 12 pounds for the other, equals 38 – 50 pounds.

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