Show You Care, Clear the Air!

Apparently fragranced items (including toys) are  top sellers as Christmas gifts (and for other occasions). Unless you have told everyone you know NOT to get you anything fragranced, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve recently received something aromatic, something that you may or may not understand the consequences of having and using.

Most people have no idea that these and other products that stink contain harmful chemicals that damage our health (as well as the health of future generations). We don’t know because these ingredients are secret (unlabeled), unregulated, and we have not been educated.

For those of you who are beginning to understand there’s a problem,  and having been the unfortunate recipient of a toxic gift from a well-meaning friend or family member, but have wondered what exactly you can do about it (other than thinking of regifting it * please don’t), here is an up and coming post-gift-giving-receiving activity you can take to let vendors and manufacturers know you won’t accept their toxic secrets!

Return That Stinking Toxic Gift To Vendor!

Ask for a refund, or exchange it for a non-toxic, scent-free item!

returntovendor1 final

#‎ReturnToVendor‬! (not return to sender)

Vendors (and manufacturers) need to:

Mind the Store

It would be so great to get a movement together (yes, it’s really short notice for this year) to return all fragranced and otherwise stinking toxic “gifts” (that keep on giving adverse health effects) for refunds, or to exchange them for fragrance-free and healthy stuff.

Who’s in to help spread the word?

(some of us are sharing this idea on the fly as health and energy permit)



More info:

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* Sometimes people like to donate their unwanted cosmetics to those “less fortunate”. Shelters are a popular destination. I am not one of those people who could do that to another person (no matter how needy they are or uneducatedly appreciative they would be, and no matter how useful or not wasteful I want to be) and I hope you won’t do it either.

It not only subjects others who are already vulnerable to more health stressors, but when there are fragranced products in use at a shelter, it creates barriers to access for people who have immediate adverse effects from toxic exposures, so they  could not enter, even when their lives are at risk from outside circumstances, because the exposures inside could cause just as much harm. This leaves somewhere between 3 and 30% of the population with no safe place to go when they are being assaulted, become homeless, or have otherwise fallen on hard times (like having their health and abilities disabled from toxic exposures).

Please return the stinking stuff to vendors or take them to the household hazardous materials depot in your area. Almost all of them take personal care and cleaning products and most specifically mention perfumes and cologne in their listings.

take back your toxics,‬ be scent-free,‬‪  fragrance-free‬,  breathe free‬,  clean air‬, 

4 responses to “Show You Care, Clear the Air!

  1. Thanks for this. It is sad that Christmas is probably the most toxic time of year. I appreciated the effort my family and friends put in to making sure that I received no gifts with fragrances. However, I still reacted to the ink used for the lottery tickets and I’ve washed my new 100 percent cotton jammies 3 times including baking soda in the wash and vinegar in the rinse and still can’t wear them — I presume from the flame retardants. There has been progress in my circle of family and friends. Last year my family went fragrance free but friends of my parents still sent them gifts with fragrances — this year they did not. There is an ever widening circle of understanding.

    • When ya think about it, it’s kind of crazy that so many things are made with such toxic chemicals these days…

      What on earth are they thinking? We are not robots that can be fueled by synthetics… We are living beings that need healthy unpolluted air, water and food to live…

      I really hope people get the message that it is not acceptable for manufacturers and vendors to pollute us for profit and leave us paying all the costs and suffering from chronic and or deadly health problems.

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