We Know (Some of You) Try


Guest post poetry by Sandy Lippert

You probably think you are all fragrance free,

But it doesn’t wash away so easily.

I’m certain of all your efforts and know how hard you try,

But when you come to visit, I’m just getting by.

I probably look just fine to you

But that is so far from being true.

I’m sad that you’re leaving, but glad when you’re gone,

Recovery for me can take so long.

So to all of you, I have one request.

Make you LIFE fragrance free.

I want to spend more time with you and be at my best,

And visit more often before we all go to rest.


fragrance around a sofa

4 responses to “We Know (Some of You) Try

  1. Delightfully said.

  2. I just don’t see anyone except for my boyfriend and dog; and I don’t bother organising for people to go FF anymore. My feelings get too hurt when they mess it up. Before I got sicker, it was much easier to facilitate but not now… Lovely poem. I wish everyone who reads this too go fragrance free so we can all spend time together xo

    • Their feelings get majorly messed up and defensive too.

      Back when I had real people in my life, some would swear up and down they weren’t wearing any fragrance, but the labels of their lotions listed fragrance as an ingredient, other times they had just returned from shopping in a scented environment, like a grocery store or pharmacy where they sell laundry and personal care and cleaning products, with gases that escape the packaging, or even from visiting somewhere a plug-in air “freshener” or scented candle was used.

      Leah wrote a great post called “But I Don’t Smell Anything” last year.

      Also, remember how well the non-smoking sections in restaurants (etc) kept the smoke away? Fragrance is like that too…

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