My Niece Said It Was Easy!

Guest post by Sandra McPherson

I have a niece who moved back from out west just a year or so ago. I love her dearly. Her son that she had so much difficulty to have is named Owen. I lost a son named Owen and she contacted me to tell me she wanted to name him after my son unless it would upset me. She is so thoughtful!

I was sucking it up and inviting her here to my place, (safe place) for meals and visits now and then when I was strong enough. Her laundry fragrances and personal products were hard on me but it was only every few months, though I wished it could be more. We talked often about my MCS because she saw me go from a person that was at EVERY party and kid sport gathering and family get together, etc., etc., to a hermit.

inside outside

I had not seen her in several months and she inquired about getting together again. We set up a date for lunch at my place again.

When she came in I thought I had gotten stuffed more than I realized from the day before (road fumes coming in the truck!!!) I could barely smell anything.

Right away she said “now if there’s ANYTHING on us that bothers you, let me know!” She kept saying that it wasn’t me it was the rest of the world. She said it wasn’t that hard and if you care about someone it’s no trouble at all!!!

I love this girl soooo much!!! She literally made my world a little bigger yesterday!! I put a post on her FB page thanking her for her thoughtfulness and for choosing me over her fragrances!

She said she would choose me over almost anything!! By the way, have I mentioned, I LOVE that girl!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

We love her too!

6 responses to “My Niece Said It Was Easy!

  1. I just got chills all up and down my body upon reading this. We need more loving people like her. <3

  2. I don’t even know this girl and I love her too!

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  4. That is so awesome! I go through the same thing with my mom and it’s easier once you just get rid of the smells and start to care more about the people you love! MCS runs in my family and at first I just thought my family was crazy, but now that I am being affected as well I know their not crazy, and it’s painful to be exposed to too much chemicals.

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