Are the Wrong People in Solitary Confinement?

Who should be isolated?

The poisoned or the poisoners?

When we develop MCS/ES, we are told to avoid the triggers that disable us. Yet, far too often, fragrance chemicals are the biggest triggers of disabling effects, yet they are in everything, and everywhere now.

To follow doctors orders, and to have some quality of life (like the ability to look after ourselves), when others at work or elsewhere won’t stop using toxic products,  we have to stay isolated in our homes (if we’ve found a safe one).  It’s just like being in prison… but for crimes we did not commit.

WE who are immediately disabled by these harmful pollutants are being forced into prisons of isolation for crimes the chemical and fragrance industry are committing, like when they hide  oil and gas industry toxic waste chemicals into everyday products and materials, without listing them on labels, they are causing a public health crisis, a crisis that  most people are unaware of.

WE who become disabled are being imprisoned for their crimes of saturating people (and our air and water) with toxic chemicals, and so, if we are to be able to see our friends and loved ones, we need to be protected from them, in environments kind of like this:


mcs prison visits 2 isolation in stainless steel 2 A

Note the use of easy to keep clean and non-toxic stainless steel features, the glass panels that keep toxic VOCs in the air from passing through, and the landline phones that eliminate wireless radiation exposure.


Why are health harming and disabling toxic chemicals allowed into everyday products and materials



Who should be isolated?

The poisoned or the poisoners?

15 responses to “Are the Wrong People in Solitary Confinement?

  1. julieinlovelyoregon

    Hi, there! I loved your most recent blog about fragrances. I tried to post a comment on the blog, but I had trouble logging in to WordPress.

    This is my comment, and feel free to share it – anonymously, if necessary:

    Yes! Fragrances are so poisonous these days. A week ago Sunday, I went to church. I was a couple minutes late and everyone was already in the chapel, yet the air was so thick with fragrances that I immediately had a reaction. I got worse every day. By Wednesday, my doctor prescribed Prednisone and Tessalon. I shouldn’t have to take these kinds of medication just because I want to worship. It takes weeks to recover – sometimes months. I didn’t go to church yesterday, but I talked to the highest local church leader about my serious health problem. Well, I had to whisper (lost my voice) and pause in the middle of my sentences because of my shortness of breath. He is going to make sure there is a notice in the Sunday bulletin that asks people to refrain from wearing fragrances to church. I live in a very small community and people here are stubborn about being educated about MCS. It’s so frustrating!

    I receive your blog through my email ~julie~

    • Thanks Julie,
      You managed to get through the wordpress hoops to leave this comment and what you say is appropriate here too.
      I really hope the people in your church are able to understand that there is no way Jesus would choose products over people!
      The products are hurting them too, as well as poisoning the air and water we all depend on for life.
      Let’s hope they realize this quickly, and do the right thing soon!

  2. Great posts both for educating those about the issues but also for showing alternatives. People using toxic chemicals often focus on what they are giving up. If only they could see that they are substituting healthy for unhealthy choices and that their’s and our quality of life would improve.

  3. I am not able to attend church anymore. The products are so strong and travel in the air such distances. There is no safe place to sit. I’ve had to leave the last few times I’ve tried. Instant migraine, burning mouth, palpitations, sore throat…..all get flared and I’m sick for several days afterward. It’s really a shame to have to give up my spiritual fellowship because of toxic products the public is not aware they’re using because of Trade Secret Laws that protect manufacturers from having to disclose ingredients.

  4. Reblogged this on Babble On… and commented:
    Our rights to clean air and water have been stripped from us. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…. except if you have been rendered chemically sensitive and disabled by no fault of your own.

  5. More of us need to file Human Rights complaints. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has both a legal and medical position on MCS as a recognized disability. That means we must be accommodated in a way that is inclusive NOT exclusive or isolating. All the provincial Human Rights organizations follow the CHR tribunal decisions. A suggestion for a very useful article would be one where MCS sufferers are informed about the right to a scent free environment under our Canadian constitution (and lesser legislation) and what the process might be. I have long thought that we should band together and file a group lawsuit to have scented products banned from public spaces and workplaces. Wear what you want in the privacy of your bedroom but leave public spaces free of substances that are harmful to many people.

  6. Good use of the image there.
    So many of us are getting so sick from environmental pollution – fragrance, car pollution and industrial pollution. People in Asia are dying from exposure to pollution. When will there be a shift in governmental policy to protect us from this toxic reality?

    • We definitely need a legal right to a healthy environment, and the right to pollute it and us for profit needs to be revoked… plus, we need to start respecting and caring for our life support system, as this planet cannot keep us alive much longer if we don’t clean up our acts and start nurturing and restoring what we’ve destroyed.

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  8. Sometimes I think we are being forced into isolation for our own good. When praying ‘The Lords Prayer’, especially the ending ‘lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil’ AMEN ♡
    Maybe it’s not the ‘wrong’ people this happens to but the ‘right’ or righteous ones who are able to discern ‘The Truth’ and protect themselves as well as they can from those ‘tresspassing against us’???

    A very big and caring hug to you Linda ♡♡♡

    • Thank you for the hug and I share one back with you <3

      That's definitely a helpful perspective to use, it's also like a meditation retreat… however, when we cannot even meet basic needs (like breathing without becoming disabled because of what others are putting into the air), or getting food that isn't full of chemicals… and watching (and breathing and drinking) the destruction going on outside, but not having the ability to go out to actually nurture Mother Earth, heal her wounds, and help others see how to work with Earth, and heal instead of damage, well… our little bubbles are not big enough or safe enough now… and as a result, countless others are being hurt because of their blind trust in authority, and blinder trust in those who pretend to be an alternative… The world is a mess these days… and those who profit from destroying it are running the show…

  9. I’m with you all the way, just desperately trying to find something positive about this ‘imposed isolation’ : (

    Even staying in my bubble this summer the EH has been so bad, all that buzzing (I swear I can hear at least 20 differtent frequencies) in my head was driving me mad. It’s less now but it gets worse when I get on the laptop or tablet. This makes ‘isolation’ even worse if posible, not even getting some ‘online support’ or hugs : (

    Thanks for your hug too♡♡♡

    • It was a very hard summer.

      I wish I could be more positive now and say there’s an end in sight, but I don’t know… When it gets this bad, and for so long…

      So many more people are being affected, but they don’t or can’t believe how bad it can get, and how little they will be able to do when it does get bad, (we all believed there would be help, that no-one would subject anyone to life like this) so they don’t get pro-active re getting policies changed while they can.

      The toxic economy has to stop and an economy based on environmental (which includes us) health, well-being, and future generations needs to take its place.

      It sometimes is hard to see the positive in any of this, because frankly, there really isn’t a lot (from the severe end of our spectrum anyway)… We can use all this time to work on ourselves, and to try to warn others we have contact with, but it doesn’t do much good when we are in forced isolation, and with no release in sight…

      I really love power failures now (short ones anyway) because most of the ringing in my ears disappears… I think they are rolling out higher, more powerful networks (if that’s the word) too now, unless someone can talk some sense into them, or the regulators themselves get affected…

      My hope now is that enough people become aware of the causes and effects of their declining health and abilities while they can still push for policy changes that would protect not just us, but future generations as well.

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