Why do people who lose their health from being polluted and poisoned for profit end up being forced into isolation and invisibility in order to try to remain alive?

mcs prison visit crying-game 2


Why are there so few (if any) supports available to the people who have been polluted and poisoned for profit?


Why does the public so often believe that the products they buy and use are more important than the lives of those who say they are harmed by the products?


Why do people find it so difficult to change their harmful habits and beliefs?


Why can corporations profit from polluting and poisoning us and the very environment we all depend on for life?


Why don’t we do something about that?

Why not?

Why don’t we start respecting our lives and start caring for the environment we all depend on for life?


3 responses to “Why?

  1. This post is from a politcal perspective. CORPORATIONS make money the cheapest way possible. Politicians make most money from corporations, so who do they consider most important? Corporations spend millions convincing/brainwashing consumers they have needs to be filled or inventing anxieties to be quelled by using their products.
    I suspect addictive qualities in some of the amines in those products, which is the only explanation for my inlaws refusal to quit using the ambush puffer things in their house.

    • Yes, there’s a lot of corporate politics involved… Normal lives have been hijacked and manipulated to keep the toxic economy going… with no regard for cause and effect beyond short term profits… imperiling everyone alive today and indeed, if things aren’t changed very quickly, they are preventing future generations from having healthy (or any) lives.

      It’s a very small segment of society behind this mess… most people would not knowingly endanger themselves and others, and don’t believe it is allowed or could happen, and are misled about what the true causes are…

      If enough people decide future generations deserve a healthy environment and work to make that happen, then there is hope that we won’t go extinct, but if the focus remains on the toxic, fossil fuel based economy, extinction is assured.

      We have some choices to make…

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