Imagine Being Disabled, Confined, and Invisible

Imagine being disabled (as if drugged, dysfunctional, and definitely disbelieved more often than not) from exposures to legally allowed toxic chemicals in everyday products and materials…. or from wireless signals coming from  neighbourhood wifi networks and cell towers…

Now imagine that some of us don’t have to imagine this scenario, because we can feel our brains and bodies being harmed by the exposures just like canaries in the mines did.

Imagine being confined to a safe bubble of a home to avoid disabling exposures, which is only possible if one has the resources and means to find such a place, a place that was built with non-toxic materials and where the interior was never cleaned with fragranced products, where pesticides were never used,  where there has been no water damage and mold, a place where neighbours aren’t always doing laundry with toxic products,  or applying toxic fertilizers and pesticides to their gardens, or burning wood and other materials, as those fumes will cross property lines, enter our bodies, and cause painful disabling effects… A place with no “smart” meters, no wifi, and no cell coverage, a place where technology is wired, not wireless…

Now imagine that some of us don’t have to imagine this scenario (except for the part about being able to find such a place to be safe = functional).

Imagine being invisible because we are alone at home, unable to leave, unable to have visitors, unable to even get assistance when necessary, as people are so addicted to toxic fragranced personal care and laundry products, so addicted to their wireless devices,  things they believe must be safe, things they won’t give up, things that make these meetings with others  inflictions of more harm, harm  that we need to avoid to remain even somewhat functional in our daily lives.

Now imagine that some of us don’t have to imagine that scenario because we’re  living it.

Next, imagine this could be you! If you don’t think it could happen to you, what makes you so sure? Have you explored ingredients, safety standards, and laws?

If you don’t like what you are imagining, is there something you can do to prevent this from happening to you or to others?

Can you change the products you buy and use to products that don’t contain any toxic ingredients or fragrance? Can you wire up your devices?

Can you run errands, write letters, make phone calls, or do something else to make this world a healthier place for everyone?

Can you demand that laws be changed to put lives before profits?

right to healthy environment 3

There are no laws to ensure we have the right to a healthy environment if we live in one of the light gray countries on the map!

When it’s legal to profit from polluting people, then something is inherently wrong with the system we have created and it’s time to create a new system where health and well-being of ourselves and of future generations is the goal.

We’ve run out of bubbles.

There is no away!

mcs es prison visits products 3 b

It’s time to imagine something different into being!

Can you imagine a world where we all have clean air and clean water? Where we all have safe clothes and homes? Where food is healing and nourishing? Where we care about each other, and about future generations?

If we all don’t do something about this, who will?

((( )))

6 responses to “Imagine Being Disabled, Confined, and Invisible

  1. The image about the right to a healthy environment is from a presentation by David Boyd, either this one or another one (I don’t remember now, it was a few years ago):

  2. I can answer your one question. No I never imagined I could become disabled with chemical sensitivities and yet I did. And no I didn’t work in a toxic chemical industry. I was a teacher. I choose fresh air. I wish everyone did.

    • I know a number of teachers who became disabled due to mouldy or otherwise toxic schools. School boards unfortunately are not known for ensuring healthy environments.

      I didn’t imagine it could happen either… I was just being a mother.

      Someone in the lower duplex painted without adequate ventilation, and then installed a toxic carpet. The fumes all came upstairs. That caused my first crash into disability, I only knew what was happening because of a couple of magazine articles I’d read of others who it had happened to.

      For quite a few years, I could have some planned exposures (do nothing else for a few days before and several days after), like to go grocery shopping, or some events with my kids.

      But then came more exposures I had no control over and couldn’t get away from… and abandonment as far as supports for healing or a medically required safe environment… I barely survived.

      And since I have this blog and post on facebook, people think I am in way better shape than I am…

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