Understanding Environmental Health

Dr Stephen Genuis is someone who has an excellent understanding about  environmental and public health.

He  now has a new website and has also started an easy to understand  video series on environmental health, where he  discusses causes, effects, and what can be done to help the growing numbers of us who experience environmentally linked chronic health challenges.

By “those of us” I (and he) mean many more people than conventional medicine considers to be environmentally affected, and he gives excellent examples of this  in the videos (as well as in his research papers).

“Dr. Genuis is preparing online classes for patients and other interested individuals. This will help viewers learn about Environmental Medicine, and about many basic investigations, practical tools, and interventions that can assist people suffering from chronic illness.”

The first 28 minute introductory video is free to see here:


The  others can be ‘rented’ online, also  via his website.

I love the presentation, both  visually and with the content, as there are no distracting elements. He  makes  connections between various seemingly divergent health and environmental issues easy to understand, in a simple, straightforward way.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the series as it comes out.

If you want to see some of the other things he has done, I’ve previously featured a couple of other video presentations he has made as well as links to some of his research in this post:

Videos: What’s Making us Sick? The Chemical Erosion of Public Health

and here

“Sensitivities” in the Canadian Family Physician journal

I have great gratitude and respect for Dr Genuis and his work, and consider his work  well worth exploring.

3 responses to “Understanding Environmental Health


    Hi Linda

    I find that Dr. Sherry Roger’s newsletter “Total Wellness” is another helpful environmental health resource. Her books are also very helpful.

    Maggie >

  2. With many thanks for this useful reference. (Particularly gratifying that he is a Canadian.).

    • I wish his website and the video series was still up. I think his health took a turn for the worse and he hasn’t been able to continue offering this program, which was excellent!
      Fortunately there are the other videos on youtube, as well as so many research articles we can read, either via PubMed or Research Gate.

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