Amelia Needs Us


Many of you are familiar with Amelia Hill, either via  my blog,  her blog, from her facebook group,  or from the several articles she has written or appeared in, where you can read about her most challenging circumstances and how she has worked so hard to not only survive them, but to overcome them and to help others who are hidden away going through similar challenges.

Amelia Hill

Amelia’s awesome mom Danija has contacted me to say that Amelia’s health has taken a real turn for the worse, and that she and her family have run out of funds to get her the very limited, specific foods and medical care Amelia urgently needs now.

A friend has started up a fundraiser where there are more details about what has happened and what is needed.

Please contribute if you can. Every little bit will help.

Amelia Hill’s Medical Fund

If you can’t donate, then please keep Amelia in your hearts and prayers.

We LOVE you Amelia!
♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. I will keep you updated in the comments when I have more news to share.

7 responses to “Amelia Needs Us

  1. If you cannot donate with a credit card, but can via paypal, her blog’s email address is connected to her paypal account
    (remove the spaces around the @ and before the com):
    amelia @ ameliahill. com

  2. Oh, I feel so bad for her!!! After all she has endured and fought for, with such a brave spirit!!! I had four thoughts (but I could be way off).

    Could it be something major someone has done in the neighborhood? Air still gets in, since without outside air, the person would run out of oxygen. I have to get a mile or more out of towns above 3,500 population before I feel the pollution lift. This would be testable by getting her to the country out of any town where no pesticides are being used (or maybe she already is in the country.)

    Or, could her room oxygen be low from being sealed off a lot? They say low oxygen in a room can be as bad on the lungs as cigarette smoking.

    Or, could it be a developed intolerance to a supplement? (I had some pretty bad reactions to supplements that seemed okay for me at first.)

    Or could hidden mold have developed somewhere? This is such a common one. She looks a little like me in my mold house. :( This could be tested also by getting her out to a “clean” area (if there is such a thing :( ) during a warm day.

    But, maybe they have considered and ruled out all these. I sure hope things turn around for her soon. It must be so very scary. :(

    • You raise some important questions Christa, thank you.

      I don’t have the answers, but remember that traveling was very difficult for Amelia.

      I know the house she is in has had some water damage, and that’s what sent her into the bathroom, but I don’t know about the area, what kind of pollutants are in the area.

      No-one has found a safe way to transport her or found a place anywhere that could be better for her.

      She was recently inquiring about oxygen and oxygen converters (the converters are not good in places with poor air quality) but I think they ran into financial obstacles there too.

      They ran out of money building the safe house in her parent’s back yard for her.
      I’m not sure if it’s completely finished or not. She was inside a few times but it needs more off-gassing.

      This fundraiser will hopefully help get things back on track for her.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Linda. xo

    • I hope they have reached the fundraising goal (I haven’t looked today) and that if more is needed, it will be available. If she has the funds to access the right medical people and tools, she can get well enough to live in her new place and be able to do some of the things she loves to do again. I miss Amelia, and want to see her happy <3

  4. Definitely in my prayers. <3

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