Choices… We Always Have Some

When Toxics Drift

we end up with choices.

Sit outside for a little while to get some Vitamin D


Be able to think, wash dishes, and/or make something to eat

When we have to breathe polluted, disabling  suburban (or other) air to simply “enjoy” sitting outdoors to get some actual  sunshine, but end up not being able to think clearly or have energy to clean,  cook, or do anything else as a result…

How fun is that?

Imprisoned for crimes we did not commit:

multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental sensitivities

This happens when there’s no right to a healthy environment


When Toxics Drift

If you don’t personally  understand this yet, please know that you too could end up like this, because no-one was designed to be exposed to all the pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis now.

Please support the human canaries before you become one.

Doing so will help you clean up your own environment and life,
and reduce your chance of becoming a canary or suffering from chronic disease.

Choose wisely when you still have better options to choose from, because we never know when our ability to have control over our lives might end.

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