How NOT to Do a Scent (or fragrance) Policy

This is why so many people with MCS/ES, MCAD/MCAS, asthma, migraines,  and fragrance allergies and sensitivities lose their jobs and end up  housebound.

When policies are mere wallpaper, they become dangerous.
Real people’s lives and well-being are threatened.

Please, do not put up a sign if you are not going to respect or enforce it.


11 Reasons To Stop Using Fragrances and Implement Fragrance-free Policies

Help for How to Be Fragrance-Free


Toxic Chemicals Found in Fragrance

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners:

“We found fragrance chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, endocrine disruption and other serious health conditions in everything from children’s shampoo to body lotion to perfumes,”


And no, essential oils are NOT a safe or appropriate substitute:

Are Essential Oils Too Popular For Our Own Good? 


Canadian Human Rights Commission Policy on Environmental Sensitivities

CDC Indoor Environmental Policy

Ontario Policy on ableism and discrimination based on disability

“inconvenience, morale, and preferences are not valid considerations in assessing whether an accommodation would cause undue hardship”.


Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you. It’s good for me.

8 responses to “How NOT to Do a Scent (or fragrance) Policy

  1. Wisconsin DOT Implements Fragrance-Free Rest Stops

    “In simplest terms, the public spoke and we were happy to listen,” said Hunt. “There is nothing more important than providing a safe experience for the thousands of daily visitors at WisDOT rest areas.”

    Hunt said that the public feedback on scented products was eye-opening as to the magnitude of the problem for some in the traveling public.

    “We heard about adverse reactions ranging from uncomfortable to physically sick,” he said. “We took this feedback seriously because our rest areas serve a core safety mission – they are meant to accommodate anyone who needs a break from the road.

    Being a cost-neutral move for the department (where existing inventory was used or returned), the decision to go fragrance-free has been well received by the public.”

  2. This should be illegal with serious consequences… it’s like baiting people to go somewhere and then clobbering them over the head and stealing hours if not days and weeks of their lives

  3. Thank you

    Linda Simmons


  4. I concur 100%

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