Gifts for People with MCS/ES

It can be hard for some people to imagine what a safe, non-toxic, emf or rf free gift could be for those of us who have MCS/ES (multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental sensitivities).

As always, ask the recipient  for details about specific allergies and sensitivities, as well as any precautions that might be needed to remove or prevent contamination, because many of these things come in a wide variety ranging from  safe (or just safer) to toxic and life threatening.


One of the greatest gifts would be if everyone switched to non-toxic and  fragrance free products so we could enjoy your company.


Helping with practical needs

– air and water filtration equipment and/or replacement filters

– organic food delivery
(fresh or prepared according to allergies and sensitivities)

– advocating for us


Here are some traditional and other ideas:

  • Gift certificates for services by people who are fragrance free
  • Shopping once a week, once a month or even just once
  • Advocating for us
  • Driving someone to appointments if your car is f-f
  • Picking up some organic food from somewhere tolerable
  • Advocating for us
  • A gift basket of favorite and tolerated supplements or teas
  • Researching safe options for us
  • Advocating for us
  • Organic clothing and bedding (research of details required)
  • Delivery of spring or filtered water in glass bottles
  • Advocating for us
  • Bird and squirrel food so we can enjoy them through the window
  • Solar powered fairy lights to put joy outside our windows
  • Advocating for us
  • Emergency preparation planning and kit preparation help
  •  Glass items (decorative and/or practical)
  • Advocating for us
  • Stainless steel items (bowls, pots and pans, tools, storage containers
  • Trips to fresh air and nature (that are off the beaten path)
  • Advocating for us
  • Becoming fully fragrance-free
  • Visiting while fully fragrance-free
  • Advocating for us
  • Pretty lead-free mugs so we can think of you when we have a cuppa
  • Unconditional Love


Technology to use when isolated

Research may be required to find safest, least toxic, lowest VOC, RoHS compliant products…

Off-gassing may be required pre-gift giving – ask recipient for details

– e-books and gift certificates for them

– e-book  devices (or book downloads for computer)

– landline speakerphones

– wired laptops or computers

– wired mice and keyboards

– cd’s and dvd’s (offgassed)

– an internet streaming service

– a faraday bed canopy

– a computer or appliance fume enclosure box

– a mini-vacuum

(remember that most of the above will need off-gassing)


Fragrance-free home visits for:

– hair care

– cleaning

– fragrance-free massage

(and making sure the service providers really are fragrance-free)


A fragrance-free space and help with off-gassing new things

Services like washing things down, airing them outside, or running electronics till they don’t release VOCs are also much needed if you have time, energy, and a space to do these things.

Gift Wrap

Note that some people with MCS/ES tolerate gift wrap, cellophane,  or simple brown paper, but others do not.

Most of us tolerate foil, and foil (especially the thicker BBQ foil) is good to use when shipping things to prevent any cross-contamination en-route.

One more thing!

– Help with returning things!

Please do not take it personally if something does not work out. These days, due to a lack of fragrance-free supply chains, quality certifications, regulations, and a compulsive need for growth in a toxic economy,  it can be very difficult to find safe things. More people need to complain and return items that stink and cause adverse health effects  for this to change and for manufacturers to start making safer products and materials.

If you have more ideas, please put them in the comments!

8 responses to “Gifts for People with MCS/ES

  1. many really great ideas and points. :) wrapping–at least foil is shiny, right? :D

  2. I’d be happy with a visit and a fragrance free hug. Blessings to you and all who read this ((hugs))


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  5. Bev Jo Von Dohre

    Massages would be wonderful. I bought two Thumper massagers (because just one can overheat) to be able to share massages. I like the Thumpers better than hands and they are easier for those who are chronically ill to use than hands.

    For those without predatory pets, if you feed female squirrels (the males can be vicious but the females are incredibly gentle and sweet) they can come inside to visit you. Our friend would climb a ladder outside and then jump through the window. I put out food dishes with organic pecans and also high quality dog food (Taste of the Wild) for extra nutrition. She got so comfortable with us that she could tell us quite a bit of what she needed. If something scared her, like a loud noise, she relaxed when I would put my hands around her and pet her orange belly. I loved her so much. We have had at least four, in succession.

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