What Are Your Wishes for 2019?

Dream big! What would you wish for?


I wish for a major  agency or entity to come out and say that fragrances are as harmful, if not more so, as smoke, and that the same public health measures as are taken for smoking need to be taken for fragrances… (ie bans in public spaces)


I wish for VOC guidelines and certifications on all products and materials that emit VOCs.


I wish for people to care more about each other than they do about the products they use.


Your turn!
What would you wish for?

10 responses to “What Are Your Wishes for 2019?

  1. I wish for more hugs! Fragrance-free safe hugs!

  2. 100% agree! And plus one for the fragrance free hugs!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I also wish for a safe washer, dryer, and vacuum cleaner!

    Because it’s time… It has been far too long that I’ve had to do without access to these…

    • I can’t even imagine how hard that is! My washing machine is as old as me! I’ve taken it apart and fixed it myself twice now. They don’t make them like they used to.

  4. Still doing battle with the people I live with over laundry .. does anyone use the ecoegg…https://www.ecoegg.com/product/laundry-egg/
    I wish for people to understand and respect mcs in my own home…
    but it is just that a wish…
    I live with my son and his gf… he is ok she is a nightmare… can’t live without bounce and hairspray… irrevocable damage has now been done to my relationships… her for sure and maybe him.
    And I wonder if I will die in this house poisoned by crap. I really do wonder as things are not changing… I am not up to living outside or in a tent…ect can’t manage it.

    • Hi Sandy, so sorry about the disrespect and ignorance your son’s gf is displaying by choosing products over you. I hope things change for the better for you all soon!

      I don’t have the spoons to research that laundry product and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Maybe if you ask in the fb groups, someone will know more about it?

      Have you recommended wool dryer balls instead of the dryer sheets? There’s also a reusable anti-static dryer sheet that isn’t infused with chemicals, but I forget the name.

  5. I wish to figure out why we feel so much better here so i can help others, and i hope our good health continues and improves. Hope your wishes come true too linda, we really need the awareness and change to affect the industry and all of society.

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