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Learning About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology


Health Effects of Wireless Technology Dr

Very few doctors have been taught about how environmental exposures to chemicals, molds, wireless radiation, and EMF fields impact our health. People are experiencing all kinds of adverse health effects from exposures, yet all too often remain undiagnosed and unable to address the true causes of their ill health or functional disabilities.

This is costing society dearly, hence it’s imperative that more people learn about all of the possible causes in order to prevent suffering, and save time, energy, and money.

Fortunately now, we have more resources for health-care practitioners, created by professionals who have been researching and treating the adverse health effects of wireless technologies. These presentations discuss the types of symptoms and conditions that are known to be affected by EMF/EMR and offer current knowledge and practices of how to deal with them.

Please watch, learn, and share the links with your health care teams.

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Teaching Doctors About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology

Health Effects of Wireless Technology Dr

The updated contents of this post may now be found here:

Learning About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology


Human Health Rights Declaration

Currently, there seems to be in place a legal “right” to pollute for profit, be it wireless  radiation, toxic chemicals, or any other source of pollution. These harmful exposures  cross property lines and enter our bodies, sometimes with devastating and deadly results. They also  occur without our free, prior and informed consent.

This is not right! 

Cindy Sage and Paavo Huttunen suggest a change:

In every society the basic rights of citizens must be safeguarded. Adoption of a Human Health Rights Declaration is necessary to protect all life and our living environment from harmful exposures that have run out of control and ahead of the scientific warnings. Some 100 years back, we learned the hard lessons of ionizing radiation and the need for strict health protections. Now it is the time to turn toward safer and healthier forms of non-ionizing radio waves and electromagnetic fields, if they exist.

Human Health Rights Declaration

Fundamental Human Health Rights

The right to homeostasis in our own bodies.

The right to normal central nervous system function.

The right to natural environmental cues that synchronize our circadian rhythms.

The right to sleep.

The right to heal.

The right to hear.

The right to reproduce.

The right to learn and retain memories.

The right to an intact genome.

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