Teaching Doctors About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology

Health Effects of Wireless Technology Dr

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Learning About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology


5 responses to “Teaching Doctors About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology

  1. Scary! This is one of the things I haven’t dealt with. My food is organic, my products are fragrance-free, but I get a lot of wireless exposure. I use my tablet more often than my other computer. When I get a new computer, I will wire it in … but it’s going to be in the room with the router so I don’t know if that will be helpful or not. :-/

    • One step at a time…

      They do have modems that allow the wifi to be turned off, altho they can be turned on remotely by the company :/ Some of us can’t take that change. I have an old modem with no wifi capacity, and they are really hard to find now…

      I had wireless for a couple of years after I knew it was affecting me because it took that long to find someone to help me wire it MCS-safely.
      I felt better within 15 minutes! I didn’t know to turn it off at night before then :/

      We live, (we get sick) we learn, we figure out to change things…

  2. Sadly I have found that most doctors do not want to be ‘taught’ anything by their patients, even being very tactfull and trying not to feel like ‘you’re the smartest person in the room’ (to be fair it’s normal we know better whats going on in our own body’s, after all we live in them!). The reaction is generally offence, this is understandable as they have spent many years and money on their training to agree now that they need to be taught about their patients illnesses by the patients themselves. This shouldn’t be happening,
    There is obviously a need for ‘continual formation’, especially on emerging new conditions and causes of illness. Maybe this is too much of a bother, after all they already have their licence to practice (make money) why would they want to make this extra effort?
    I have been told everything from ‘it’s all in your head’ , ‘if I want to know this I can look it up myself on internet’, ‘you can’t come to my practice and tell me you believe you have Heavy Metal Poisoning and/or Cronic Mercury Poisoning and ask me to order these tests, I have to tell you what you have and I order the tests if I see fit’ (same doctor that told me it was all in my head!), one doctor even jumped up out of her chair and said ‘why do you explain this to me, why do you think I’m wearing this White robe?, I told her ‘I’m sorry but you did ask and I was just trying to explain as best posible to my understanding’ : (
    The ‘priveledge’ of diagnosing your illness seems to be soely theirs, based upon their criteria or will, they will tell you what they want to diagnose you with and what tests they want to do as obviously they know best, that’s what they went to medical school for after all! If you suggest otherwise you become a ‘patient non-grata’. This has been my general experience here in Spain with one or two exceptions. The doctors and health system in itself in Canada is another world completely, in comparison, according to my experience.
    Sadly it seems that to be diagnosed with a disabling cobndition or invisible illness here is purely a ‘priveledge’ for those with plenty of money to go to court about it or by ‘trafficking of influences’, favours or bribing doctors to diagnose or not to diagnose (depending on their interests) our disabling invisible illnesses. The corruption that exists here is not only in the politicians but extends to this ‘trafficking of influences’ and ‘granting of favours’ to friends, family and other interests by most government employees (including doctors, teachers, town hall employees, consumer protection employees, etc etc……) it has been a way of life here : (
    Like a mafia-type government and society : (

    I read a really helpfull and funny article on Miss Diagnoses blog, about how to ‘tactfully’ get your doctor to do tests and still make him think that he is the one that is diagnosing and ordering the tests himself on his own criteria. Good advice, I think I will try that next time : )

    • No-one will learn anything if they’ve closed their minds (or have been taught to do so) and think they know it all (or that the industry sponsored education is truth – did you read the 2nd article in the Canadian Family Physician? I think I put that link into the comments to the first article the other week). We can only offer them the evidence.

      At least we have at our fingertips, the same educational materials they are learning from (if they so choose, and since they have taken oaths to do no harm, they really should choose to learn how not to harm their patients) and can educate ourselves… not that we can do much about it due to the prevalence of harmful products and materials in the current paradigm, but we can help people connect the dots when they are suffering, and that has to count for something.

      As far as being skillful enough to do what Miss D and some others can do, we all need to learn this!
      But how? Anyone know any DIY courses on youtube for that?

  3. The Treatment of EMF Radiation

    EMF sensitivity can be diagnosed and treated with difficulty. 85% improvement with comprehensive treatment. Avoidance, intradermal neutralization, nutrition, oxygen, immune modulators, sauna, and energy manipulation appear to be necessary for success.

    Learning Objectives:

    Describe the spectrum of EMF radiation.
    Outline how to cope with EMF
    Distinguish which patients can be helped with EMF sensitivity
    Provide patients with ideas on how to detoxify the EMF radiation

    About Dr. Rea

    William J. Rea, M.D. is a thoracic, cardiovascular and general surgeon with an added interest in the environmental aspects of health and disease. Founder of the Environmental Health Center – Dallas (EHC-D) in 1974, Dr. Rea is currently director of this highly specialized Dallas-based medical facility. …


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